Friday, May 20, 2022

#FridayFavs May edition


Hey yall today on my blog I am sharing some of my favorite favorite favs as of late! 

Products I have been obsessed with and that I have been crushing on and can't wait to splurge on!! I am sharing a range of products from makeup to tech savvy items and swoon worthy shoes!!  Comment below your favs and your thoughts on this new column!

1. Steve Madden Booties

yallllllll these shoes I have been sooo obsessed with! I have walked past these beauties in Dillards and Nordstrom and I am obsessed. They come in several colors and the Bone color is the one that is so on pointe!! They ran out of the bone in the store nearest me so I have to purchase them from Dillards online and they were so worth it!! Click here to shop these gorgeous summer booties!

2. Leopard Dress

This Texas heat has made its entrance early this year and summer dresses have truly been lifesavers for me! Texas Heat & a Summer Dress is the perfect chic combo!! Sharing a leopard dress that Ive been obsessed with and counting down the days til it arrives from Amazon! To Shop  this dress Click here for the link to shop!

3. Classic White Chucks

These are a classic but I have never had my own pair in white. I have been rocking my black high tops to several artsy events as of late but the classic white are in a league of their own!! Click here for your own pair! Click here to get these bad boys!

4. Ray Bay Stories Glasses

Totally obsessed with my glasses! I got them as a Valentines Day gift from the hubby and they have truly came in handy! They record video and take photos and even have music built in to the sides of them. So I can take a call while working without having to pick up my phone as they are connected via Bluetooth!! Yall Im obsessed! To purchase for yourself or a gift for someone else click here!

5. Tatcha Violet C Brightening Serum

This serum is magnificent!! I literally posted about it earlier this month but this serum is so good it needs to be mentioned again and probably have its own post! I was so surprised by the lightweight-ness of the formula as most serums resemble a beauty syrup almost but this serum feels almost like water. It doesn't take much of it and it adds like an instant glow.It is soooooo fabulous!!! Click here for this magical serum!

Thank yall so much for checking out the first ever #FridayFavs column and stay tuned for more to come! Comment below which one of the favs you cant wait to check out!


Friday, April 29, 2022


This month has had such a heavy emphasis on rest for me! This time last year I was resting as I had an unexpected emergency appendectomy on April 1st! It was not an April Fools joke but it totally transformed my life and my perspective on my health and rest!! 
I have a very passionate personality and I go in 1000% when I'm working on my projects and the pause forced upon me last year really helped me see that balance and rest are something that I have to incorporate into my routine in order to fully function at 1000%.
The past couple of weeks it has been very important for me to fully rest as last month I hit a career milestone of achieving a Million Dollar Month in Real Estate🏡 in March! 

As I was preparing for another milestone this month I was reminded in my body and soul to rest again. 

Pause on rushing any plans. 

Reflect on my journey thus far. 

Refuel my body and my mind and my soul with the nourishing self-care practices that fill me back up.

Recenter my thoughts and mindset for the future ahead!

Realign with my higher purpose and spiritual calling. Realign with my personal, spiritual, career, physical, and educational goals.

The month as a whole has been sooo nourishing on so many levels.

I encourage everyone to intentionally hold space for themselves and others when we all go through the different seasons of our lives. Healing and fully resting when our bodies need it is one of the highest forms of self-care ✨ 

"Be patient with yourself as nothing in nature blooms all year long." 🌺 

Allowing yourself to really rest allows you to enter each new season with more tenacity and purpose than the season before.

I'm feeling so good now that I have fully rested and healed my mind, body and soul!

I'm excited because my creative juices are flowing and I'm truly excited to walk in my purpose with even more intentionality.
Stay tuned for more genuine content and thank you for reading this far and sharing in my journey!


Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK Day 2022

This post is a throwback from my 2019 MLK Day essay and still rings true for today in 2022.

MLK Day 2019

Every year I have felt called to write a blog post about MLK Day. For me, it hits home as a holiday that needs to be celebrated! I am a black woman and for me to be able to freely and creatively express myself my ancestors had to endure so much injustice! For me to receive amazing education and the opportunities that I have my ancestors had to protest and believe that their sacrifices were worth it! 

Martin Luther King Jr. was an outspoken and dynamic speaker that urged people to see that the culture of his time was completely okay with the subpar treatment of African Americans. His I Have a Dream Speech was spoken in D.C on 8/28/1963 to almost 250,000 people! 250,000 people heard his "I Have A Dream Speech" 

How hard did he have to work to get to that platform to deliver that speech??

How many days in jail did he accumulate before he was able to deliver this speech?

There was so much fight in this amazing man that impacted millions of people! His speech was given 50 years ago but it is still relevant and impactful today!!
If that is not IMPACTFUL I don't know what is!
In honor of MLK Day, I have shared 2 of my favorite quotes by Dr. King as they are a guiding light for me as I live and work day today!!

1. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


2. Life's most persistent and urgent question is What are you doing for others?

This question is so key for EVERYBODY! What are you doing today that can impact others for good?

Hope yall enjoyed today's post! It hits home for me and I encourage everyone to not be quiet about any injustices they may see around them as change has to HAS to start with you!!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez
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