Monday, March 25, 2019

#MakeupMonday My Lash Lift Experience

My First Lash Lift

Hey yall today on the blog! I am reviewing my experience for my first Lash Lift! I personally have never gotten them done before and I was hesitant at first but it was WELL WORTH IT!
The lash lift is best for people who have naturally long lashes or even short lashes and are not so keen on lash extensions! I saw a difference in my lashes because they have been pretty short recently cause of stress. As I realized after getting 2 full set of extensions refilled in a span of 2 weeks that it was a nervous tick!
So I went without eyelash extensions for a month and that is what made me interested in the lash lift. As before if I had my normal lash extensions I would not have been so interested in the lash lift.
But what made me so interested in trying the lash lift as I realize it was necessary to take great care of my lashes as I want to make sure I have healthy and long lashes without the extensions. So for full details and FAQ keep scrolling to hear about my personal experience!

The Experience

My lash stylist was really quick and efficient and knew what she was doing! As my eyes were closed it was a little nerve racking but she explained it well!
1.First she separated my lashes and examined by lash curl style
2. Then she applied a two step solution process to perm my lashes.
The solution does smell its like a permy smell.
I could tell right away when she put the perm on as it was very odious!
(Also wanted to mention that your eyelash style will be similar to your overall hair texture. I personally have very curly hair and texture so my lashes have a curl to them!)
So the amount of time the perm set on my lashes was longer as my eyelash curl pattern was curlier.
So what the lash lift did for me was it straighten them for me which made them appear longer as well.
3. Then she left the perm on for about 15 minutes
4. Finally she wiped off the solution and I was good to go!

To see my results click below!




What exactly is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a cosmetic enhancement done to your lashes that allows me to look longer and more prominent. It is like the equivalent of putting a perm on your hair but instead of your hair its your lashes.

How long does it take?

About an Hour!

Does it hurt?

No it did not hurt! It did smell as the perm has an odor but it did not hurt at ALL!

Is it expensive?

Nope it cost less than a full set of Lash extensions! So its on average under $100

How long does it last?

3-6 Weeks of normal use

Upkeep after LashLift?

I was not allowed to wet them or get oils on them for 24 hours.
Also its recommended to use water based mascara on them. Also they mentioned I had to wait about 2 weeks if I wanted to get lash extensions!

Well I hope y'all liked this post! 
If you have any questions or comments comment below!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez💕💕


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Top 5 Tips to get Spring Ready 2019

Spring is here!
So excited for this new season! I love Spring it's like right after the cold winter blooms are busting free to see the bountiful sun!

For today's post I'm sharing 5 Tips to get you Spring Ready!

1. Purchase New Blooms for your Home & Office
I believe the smell of fresh blooms is soo refreshing and healthy! They always cheers me up if I am having a bad day and just increase the flow of good energy in my home!
Bonus they are organic && BEAUTIFUL!!

2. Spring Cleaning & Declutter Since last week I have been cleaning and refreshing my home! And no I'm not nesting but it feels like my house is a little lighter without all of the clutter! By donating old clothes and things no longer needed it allows you to make room for more relevant things in the home!
No Filter Needed-Sikes Lake,3/19/19@KarenLeisha

3. Take a Walk Outside There is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk outside by the lake or river with the beautiful blooms at full force! It's so therapeutic and amazing! I bet you will so much better compared to being inside and after taking a quick 30 minute walk! 

4. Seasonal Allergies Proactiveness- With the one above if you are prone to allergies make sure you are proactive about taking your allergy medicine! Also make sure you are stocked up on Vitamin C! Also echinacea tea is great as a proactive measure! I personally usually get a Spring Fever when the seasons transition from winter to spring and I have found when I increased my supplements I have dealt with the transition better!

5. Start a Garden this personally has been on my bucket list for the past few years as I want to be able to eat more organic foods and what better way to do that than create my own garden! I will most def keep y'all updated with my gardening and green thumb!

Hope y'all like my tips for this upcoming Spring Season!
Comment below if you have any other tips that can keep you prepared for the Spring Season!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez💕💕

Friday, March 15, 2019

It's all about Perspective!

Sometimes when we take that first step on a new journey it can seem tough as you are not sure of the full journey ahead. But you gotta keep stepping as the journey to the top is COMPLETELY worth it!🌏 It's seriously all about perspective!💡

This photo completely represents how my past few weeks have been!

By changing my perspective and seeing the BIG picture of it all has made a world of difference!

💫 🌟Perspective is everything!🙌🏾🌟

I personally can not believe how beautiful the Louvre was! I have dreamed of going to Paris since I was in grade school and let me tell you! It was seriously even more  beautiful than I expected! I will be doing a RECAP soon y'all so stay tuned!

And I sincerely apologize for the lack of content!  I have been going through this cathartic stage of a transition and I'm telling y'all PERSPECTIVE seriously is everything! 

Hope all you #bossbabes have a fantastic weekend!

Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinez💕

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