Tuesday, March 2, 2021

#GoldenGlobes Favs

#favLewks from 2021 Golden Globes

Hey yall, I'm so excited to write about some of my favorite Golden Globe looks! When I saw #2 Anya's Look she completed inspired me to post! Keep scrolling to see some of the amazing lewks that were served this weekend at the Golden Globes  Awards 20201.

#1 Regina King

Regina King

Regina King's Louis Vuitton moment had me speechless! This was just sooo utterly chic with the *hint* of sparkle to make you wanna dance all night!!

#2 Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy was the main reason I was sooooooo inspired to blog about my favs! Who would think a jazzy verde number like this would light and ignite my creative spark!! This is WHY I love fashion! Why I would cut up magazines and create mini designer lines as a teen! The way the PERFECT gown or shirt or dress could truly transform you into someone else!! THISSS
This dress is definitely going to be one of my key photos for inspiration this year!! You did that Anya!! Gown by Dior Couture & Tiffany & Co jewelry.

#3 Lana Candor

Photo courtesy of Lana's Instagram
Obessesed with this gorgeously blue-hued ball gown worn by Lana Condor. This gown was designed by @moniquelhuillier and its just gorgeous!!

#4 Jamie Lee Curtis

Photo Courtesy of Jamie's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CL3JX9Cs1b3/

Jamie Lee Curtis rocking my favorite color in this gorgeous yellow gown! She rocked this dress like a totally radiant queen she is!

#5 Jon Batiste

 Photo Courtesy of Jon's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2NKyZhsNO/
Jon Batiste was rocking this eclectic bright yellow/white combo top! -Pyer Boss 

#6 Leslie Odom Jr's Lewk! Triple Stars

GG's Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CL3AWPjFJxV/

If I could give a male lewk a triple star this is definitely it!! This look is killa! I have been looking all over and unable to find the designer for this suit! But it's definitely the look of the future!!

#7 Isla Fisher's Gown

Isla's Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CL21mq6APfG/

Gasp!! This color is just so bright and perfect! I was so obsessed with this colorfully bold choice. Gown is by Alex Perry & Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. This choice is perfect considering her BOLD partner Sasha Cohen (Borat) who won an award at the event.  Stunner

#Honorable Mentions


Angela Bassett being an absolute ageless goddess as usual in this Dolce & Gabanna gown! Yall see her calves like I need to be on that level with my workouts!! Yess please! And don't even get me started on the long pony!!

Elle's Insta :https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2lPlklbZ9/

Elle Fanning looked so chic in this mesmerizing blue!! So silky and almost mermaid-like!! Obsessed with this Gucci gown

 Gucci's Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2yffoCf83/

Celeste was rocking another Gucci glam gown and I love the style of the stripes and the bottom design! Very 60/70s mod like in style! She nailed it with the matching gloves!!


Amanda Seyfried's floral back collared dress was so stunning by one of my favorite designers Oscar de La Renta. Perfect pink and so chic! 

Julia's Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CL41S7AlgMB/

Julia Garner's  Prada 1920s style plunging gown was sooo effortlessly chic as well! #Perfection The way the silhouette is it makes you feel like anyone could rock it! I think it would have added an extra vavoom is with long sleeves!! 
Julia's Insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CL4e1iPFgp7/
  Her makeup look added the perfect glam look to it!

Thank yall for reading about my favorite chic looks from the Golden Globes 2021! These lewks were all killer and seriously give me hope for the future. As the colors were so bright and bold and glitzy its truly great to see that so many of the celebrities are feeling optimistic about everything. As everyone knows the colors wear are a reflection of the collective's mental state of happiness! These looks are nothing short of optimism. 


Friday, February 5, 2021


The joy I feel when my clients  🏡 offer has been accepted!!🎉🎉
Y'all life has been so crazy as my real estate career has been at the forefront of my time and energy the past couple of months and I'm soooo grateful!
I have always dreamed of becoming a realtor and in 2019 when I officially became licensed I knew it would be a big commitment but I didn't realize how much it would change all aspects of my life!!

Literally this week I woke up at 5am to write an offer as this current market is so competitive!
And everyone who knows me... knows that I'm not usually a ☀️ morning person 😂 
If that doesn't tell you I've had to shift my habits then I don't know what else will lol

But truly all of the shifts and pivots I have encountered this year were completely necessary for me to do my dream job!

Leaning into the fears and anxieties of this career and the world changes has forced me to grow in so many ways and totally practice what I preach and do all of the inner work especially during the trying times of this pandemic.

Consistency & Discipline were key values of my life I had to intentionally work on to work in such a competitive field.

Also, I realized how much I missed people and the sense of community this year. You would think engaging in social media would have been a great choice but I was finding myself feeling more disengaged with social media as I was finding a sense of community in myself and my family.

This year truly brought so many unexpected lessons for all of us. My pause on social media helped me re-balance my new career shift and allowed me to see what I truly need and want in this world. The pause gave me so much clarity and I appreciate everyone who has followed along with my journey and offered support!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, December 17, 2020


Training Thursday

Officially Have a New Training Partner💕

#TrainingThursday led to a Breakthrough

I have been having a time getting back in the groove of things with my work & workout schedule! 

But consistency is key and getting back on the horse is tough when I have been inactive for a bit! 

So I realizedI realize that if I use the lack of consistency as an excuse it causes some weird domino effect where I end up getting nothing done because I wasn't consistent and I can't create a streak if I miss the first day.  So by shifting my perspective on consistency and creating a point and reward system for myself this works WAYY better for my goal achievement! 

Y'all when I say this break through has alleviated so much of the work guilt I was feeling and has created a space for self acceptance and achievement, its crazy! Its all about finding a perspective that works for you and your work ethic!

I feel like I always have these breakthroughs on a run as I find so much clarity then when I'm inactive!

What about you? What's a recent breakthrough you've made in your business or personal life? 

Share below as your answer could help someone else who's struggling with the same issue!

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