Monday, August 29, 2011

English 1123 Post 1

On Sunday evening I watched an episode of the CBS show "Cold Case". The show is about investigators who open up cold cases, unsolved cases, and solve them based on new information that has been brought forward. Ive seen many of these episodes in the past couple of years but I never expected it to become reality. But on Tuesday morning according to a New Jersey man by the name of Philander Hampton had pleaded guilty to to murdering 5 teenagers in 1978. These crimes took place over 33 years ago. Hampton confessed to the police department of his actions about 3 years ago. Hampton confessed to killing the young teenagers with his cousin Lee Evans by luring them into a house and then setting it on fire and brutally killing them. Hampton tried to have his confessions barred based on legal grounds but the judge of the case state Superior Court Judge Patricia Costello had ruled against Hampton and said that the confessions would be able to be used in the case. The evidence made a great difference in causing the plantiff to being found guilty of murdering the young teens. This is an example of justice being served. Even though the crimes took place over 33 years ago the friends and families of those that were murdered can finally have peace and closure about their deaths and the man who did the murders has come forth and he will recieve his punishment.
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