Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Resemblance between Pets and Their Owners

Do pets resemeble their owners?
Yesterday I received a picture message from my little sister depicting my father sleeping and our little kitten Apple sleeping next to him. The resembleance between the two is very hilaarious I must say. The picture inspired me to look deeper into the subject and my findings were quite surprising. Anahad O'Connor wrote a article in the New York Times providing evidence of this claim. There have been studies done where subjects in a study are asked to match the pets with their owners and over half of them were able to match the pet photos with their respective owners. The main factor that the subjects were using to connect them was the personalities of the pets and the owners. Research says that the owners are more likely to pick a certain pet based on their resmeblance to their own personality. Do you think pets and their owners are similar? You be the judge

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  1. i think this is funny. i do not know how that can be proved.


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