Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh Foggy Day

Today as I was driving to work there was a thick fog that covered majority  of the highway. I couldn't help but think that the fog was there as an obstacle and and a reminder that life is unapologetically unpredictable and so many things are out of our control and direct line of vision.  And it's so easy to stay focused on the past and find yourself being stagnant out of  fear of  making a change.

But in order to fully grow we have to be fully present  and fully committed to taking tangible steps of making a positive change in our life.
Being present means not focusing on the past and letting guilt and regret and even
shame keep you from reaching your full potential.  In order to experience those negative feelings you have to look to the past but by being present you are forced to see your current situation as an opportunity. Additionally by taking tangible steps that are creating positive changes in your life you are reaffirming to yourself that you are moving forward and letting go of the past.
We must take into account that although things may seem foggy up close but by taking a step back and looking over the horizon there are endless possibilities for us to be successful! Don't be afraid to take that first step!


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