Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sore Muscles and a PR kind of day

Today was a great workout! Although I felt a little tight in my muscles. But I was able to keep running and hit a personal record today. I know I will be sore tomorrow. But sooo worth it.  I can't explain that feeling of hearing my phone's applause when I have completed my workout and hit a PR. Today's workout was like my usual runs on a trail. I love the feeling of running outside and being surrounded by nature and feeling the actual wind in your hair and not the AC at the gym. 99% of my workouts are trail running and I only go to the gym when I have to get a workout in and the weather is extremely uncomfortable. But today's conditions were ideal to allow me to hit the PR. My goal is to continue to shed minutes each week off of my mile time. MY goal is to run a 6:18 mile like I did when I was much much younger. I used to run the 1500 and that was one of my best times. So I am taking it a step further and hoping to hit that time with the additional 100 meters. I realize that in order to hit this goal I have to stay consistent and work hard each and every workout! Lets go!!

Motivational quote of the day!

Top 5 Songs on Workout Playlist

1.  When the Day Comes by Nico&Vinz
2.  Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols feat Jamie Grace
3.  I'm the Best by Nicki Minaj
4.  Stay Down by Big Sean
5.  About the Money by TI

Ive worked out everyday this week. Tomorrow will most likely be my off day! I do not want to pull a muscle and its Thursday + St. Patty's Day+ TGIT!


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