Wednesday, June 22, 2016

National Yoga Day 6/21/2016

Today is National Yoga Day! In honor of this national day I have included a picture of 30 yoga poses to try out. I've been practicing yoga for years and my main goal is to try to perfect the handstand. This requires a great core and sense of balance and strength. It is very much possible but will take a lot of hard work!

Yoga has sooo many great health benefits. Every single time that I complete a group session I always feel such a high level of peace and feeling centered.

When you are focused on each pose and even regulating your breathing this allows you to really lose focus of all of your worries and focus on the here and now.
My main source of stress and anxiety is linked to me worrying about the future and not being present in the here and now. Practicing yoga gently forces me to stay present. I highly recommend everyone to try it. It will change your life!  Happy#NationalYogaDay! #namaste


Monday, June 20, 2016

Have you seen the Strawberry Moon?

Today marks the start of summer with the summer equinox AND there is a full moon tonight. The last time this has occurred was in 1967! And the next time this will happen will not be until 2062. And to top it all off its the second Sagittarius full moon which a a rarity in itself. As usually there is only one moon per sign each year.

I definitely was feeling the energy this morning when I woke up of the upcoming event. I woke up with a great sense of clarity and positivity.

I have included links to some great articles about this special cosmic day.

Although some of the articles are very detailed and mainly geared towards advanced astrologers , it's worth your time to muddle through as you will definitely come across something insightful.

1.  Astrotwins Tips to Activate the Sagittarius Moon-
2. Collective Evolution-
3. Mystic Mama-


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unexpected Conversations

Today has been marked by me being involved in very unexpected conversations. I was able to build a closer rapport with a coworker about common interests. Very unexpected as we hadn't had a conversation more than the casual hi and bye and  this was a great surprise for the day.

The other conversation involved my very personal and deep conversation with my Madre aka my mother. We talked for almost 4 hours and it  was incredibly enriching to my soul. There is no monetary value that can be used to describe what this conversation meant to me.
The older that I get the more that I realize how similar me and her are. Growing up I was a daddy's girl and now that I'm older I appreciate everything  more that my Madre has to offer. So much experience and knowledge and above all her uncanny way of just being real and a strong woman.
Me and my mother's rapport is something I don't take for granted and I am incredibly blessed to have a mother like her. So cheers to you Madre for being so amazing.  And cheers to the unexpected!!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Errands/ Light Workout..Its only Thursday :)

Today  I was actually off from work and had enough time to run errands and get in a quick workout.
Tonight I did a 15 minute workout on the Stairmaster. My goal is to tone my legs and lower body. Also I did 2 miles on the bike as well as worked on targeting my abs. Every gym workout I try to focus on my abs as I'm getting ready for swimsuit season lol! Overall it was a light and feel good workout!I have some of my favorite songs from today listed below! Check them out!

Top 5 Songs from workout/ Running Errands

1. 24/7 by Kehlani
2. Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe
3. Doubt by Mary J. Blige
4. Coloring by Kevin Garrett- fav for the night
5. Close by Nick Jonas, Tove Lo

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Short 2 Mile Fun Run @ 8pm

Today I ran a short 2 mile run and it was exhilarating to say the least.
My goal was to try to do a quick run and then have enough time in the evening to run a couple of errands.
Today's run was quick and I paced the route to include sprinting and also some walking as well. Todays run was 25 minutes and included 12:26 per mile. At this point in my running journey I think it is good to include my times so I can stay accountable and have a great gauge of my fitness level.

Top 5 Songs from Running Playlist:

1. See You Again by Rukhsana- Love the introductory notes of this song!!
2. So Good by Johnny Stimson- Great to run along to!
3. Breathe by Stanton Lanier- Song didn't have lyrics great for cool down.
4. I love you by Lanita Smith- <3 Song
5. The Light was Already Here by Alex Preston- Great for middle of workout.

These songs were on my Discover Playlist by Spotify. The songs are suggested based on my current music library and so they were pleasant surprises for the run!This workout was a great way to keep my energy up on this hump day!
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