Monday, June 20, 2016

Have you seen the Strawberry Moon?

Today marks the start of summer with the summer equinox AND there is a full moon tonight. The last time this has occurred was in 1967! And the next time this will happen will not be until 2062. And to top it all off its the second Sagittarius full moon which a a rarity in itself. As usually there is only one moon per sign each year.

I definitely was feeling the energy this morning when I woke up of the upcoming event. I woke up with a great sense of clarity and positivity.

I have included links to some great articles about this special cosmic day.

Although some of the articles are very detailed and mainly geared towards advanced astrologers , it's worth your time to muddle through as you will definitely come across something insightful.

1.  Astrotwins Tips to Activate the Sagittarius Moon-
2. Collective Evolution-
3. Mystic Mama-


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