Thursday, July 28, 2016

Late Night Workout... Reached Benchmark

Tonight I was in need of a late night workout! Just finished up my workout at 11:19!! And it was definetly what I needed as a pick me up as I have to work 2 more days this week!  There is nothing like running late at night and feeling the wind on your back and it's not the sun beaming down on you. I ran a different route tonight and it was a short 20 minute run but oh soo worth it!!
Also tonight I reached a benchmark of running a total of 2 marathons total( 52.4 miles)
This was a great ending to the workout!  This has made me want to run a total of one more marathon or 26.2 miles for the month of August the hottest month of the year!
I have included a screenshot of my "trophy" for running!
Brightly Soo,
Karen B <3
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