Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Quote Motivation

Today's quote for the day was very insightful and caused me to reflect on how I treat myself when I'm alone and also when I am around others.

I know that I can be my biggest critic as I know that sometimes it's so easy to focus  on the bad things and fixate on what could be better and what I did wrong. But we have to remember to practice self love and that begins mainly with our thoughts. I know that I have been actively focusing on staying positive and increasing the amount of positive affirmations that I say daily. As your head and innermost thoughts guide you and you definetly want to have your head and heart in a positive space.

Lastly the last portion of the quote encourages you to take in consideration the words that you speak around others. This is as equally as important as the first portion of the quote. I want the words that I speak to others to be positive and uplifting and real. By taking that extra moment to pause before I speak to assess that whatever is going to pour out of your mouth is a correct reflection of what's in my soul.
This quote is something I will think about throughout the week as words are soo powerful!

Brightly Soo,

Karen B


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