Friday, July 22, 2016

Top 5 Picks for Nordstrom Sale

             TOP  5 PICKS

This is my Top 5 Picks from the Nordstrom Sale. There are soo many items on sale and this was very difficult but necessary! The 5 items are essentials for the fall season and I know I will use a pair of the boots at least once a week. The boots are definitely a staple item. So take a seat and see what you think of my list!!

1.       Tory Burch Boots - They are only priced at $299.90! This is a great deal and will be my FALL staple item! The leather of the boots a great quality and will go well with my FALL outfits. This is my favorite item of the sale!

2.       Tory Burch Heidi Ballet Flat: These flats are trendy and comfortable for FALL. I already have these classic flats in  gold and think that this color and print will go well for FALL.  The sale price is $164.90 and will go up at the end of the sale. These flats will pair well with creams, black and neutrals!

3.       Vince Camuto Peera Cutout Bootie-  These booties are on sale for $99.90 and I plan on putting them to good use this summer as well. They will pair well with a couple of my summer dresses and look very chic with dark denim and cream top for a date night! Can't wait to wear these!!

4.       Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan-  This cardigan is soo soft and had to go on my list. I believe in wearing chic clothing but also comfort is key.  The versatility of this cardigan will allow this to be used easily in the spring as well. The cardigan is only $59.90 and is offered in several other colors. The other colors  that are offered is  an ombre effect which made it difficult to choose this pastel pink color. I chose this color because it can  be used more often this upcoming season!

5.       Illuminage Skin Rejuvnating Pillowcase-This pillow is $45 although that may seem expensive the cost is worth it considering the pillow is supposed to aid in wrinkle reduction. Although I am in my 20s it is  never too early to start trying to save yourself from wrinkles! Even if the pillowcase doesn't work it feels amazing on your face and is lovely to sleep on! 

Thank you for taking the time to go through my list! Leave comments below and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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