Monday, December 4, 2017

💄Makeup Monday💄

Today I am reviewing the OMG face mask! And I must say I love it! There are several steps to doing it correctly and ensuring you get the best results.

First step is I took off all of my makeup with my Garnier micellar water and wipe. On the package it says you can use it with or without makeup.
The next step is the white detox bubble mask and I was at first intimidated by it as it bubbles and I have sensitive skin and was unsure if I would have a reaction. But I love it!
It's pretty cool how fast it bubbles up to!
The next step is to put the peel off mask on your face. I only used half of it and I'll probably save some of it for another time!

Beware it is bright bright pink and also it dried pretty fast and your face tightens lol.
I was not expecting it to be as fast which is great it says it can take 30 minutes to dry but it was faster!

Then remove the PEEL off mask!! I needed help with this and Michael got a thrill like he was riping off my face 😅😅
And then use the serum pad to remove any residue and it smooths out your skin!

I Absolutely love it!
I bought the headband and several masks as they offered a signup discount!! To purchase your own mask this is the link for purchase.

Also make sure you don't put the mask on your eyebrows or where there is hair as that will hurt quite a bit! Don't make that mistake!
Let me know in the comments what you think!

Also linked below are some of my favorite beauty essentials and don't forget if you are looking for makeup brushes you can use my discount code BRIGHTLYSOO25 for 25% off from Mikasa Brushes.

Love & Peace,

Karen B💕💕


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