Friday, December 28, 2018


Today on the blog sharing my 5 Top Travel Essentials!! I have traveled so much over the years and felt like this was the perfect post!!

1. Portable Battery Charger

(2 if you can for extra backup)
This is so helpful as when you are traveling long hours you don't usually realize how much battery power you are using!

2. Water, Water,Water

I personally don't realize how much I drink water until I'm stuck in a small space and not able to! Also y'all research says that water intake helps with jet lag and overall travel feels!

3.Moisturizer & Lip Balm
I personally have very dry and sensitive skin and these two have been a godsend when I can't wear a facemask! *Bonus if you can wear a moisturizing Face/Eye Sleep Compress.


One thing about me is I love comfort and ease. And if I can make the little seat space as comfortable as I can(ie: fleece throw not jacket) I'm all in on that!!
* The shawl above is one of my favs!

5. Anxiety Killer 
Everyone from all over the world has differing feelings about planes but the main one consistently has been anxiety and fear! And I can personally say with more travel it dies to get harder until......  You experience turbulence on an overnight flight and are grabbing the seat for dear life!!!! Not a good look! Anywho I recommend for you to pack something that calms your nerves! If that's meditation music with breathing exercises or movies! I personally have certain particulars that make me feel safe like a Window seat and music at takeoff is a MUST! Once I had a guy down some Xanax! Like seriously! But do whatever you gotta do!

*Bonus Text a loved one or your partner to let them know you are taking off! There is something so therapeutic and so romantic to sending that text at takeoff lol!

Are there any key essentials I forgot to mention? Comment below I would love to hear it!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinez๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

TIPS && Encouragement for Last Minute Shoppers

Last Minute Shopper's Tips to Help Save Time

Hey Yall this post is for all of my last minute shoppers!! Myself included!! I have not had a chance to even shop as I am working on a last minute project that needs to be completed by Friday!! Haha YASSS I'm a procrastinator but thats the best way to get things done.......Anywho so if there are any last  minute "thrill-seekers" needing some advice for shopping! Grab some popcorn as I have several tips so that your close friends and family have no idea how last  minute you were!!!

1. Make a List! 
This step may seem self explanatory but it is one of the toughest to do when you procrastinate. Write down all of your loved ones and what they need! This is the easiest and most simple but the most important. As this is the roadmap for you!

2. Come to TERMS of what day it is and set your EXPECTATIONS according!!
There is nothing like being in denial about how late in the game you are only to wake up on CHRISTMAS with no gifts!! Or at 7pm on Christmas Eve when you are fully expected to already have wrapped and purchased the gifts for your fam! If its YOU and you're reading this and its too late! Just accept it and MAN UP or WOMAN up and start sending out virtual gift cards!!(*Virtual giftcards are the secret weapon for the last minute shoppers as you can send via email && text the gift amount. The best thing is that they choose theyre perfect gift and you don't spend time trying to choose the best gift! Which brings me to  the next point.

Just in case you are not able to shop in time or you are unexpectantly invited to a Christmas Party. Its better to be overprepared than be underprepared. Have a last minute Starbucks Gift Card in hand! Yall Gift Cards are key!!

4. Expect Delays
Alright now that you have come to terms with the date make sure you take into account shipping and always unexepected delays! My favorite are shipping delays and LONG LINES!  By accepting that you are a late shopper and this will be a consequence and possible effect you are less likely to be upset and will be more cheerful when things may go wrong. In a ideal world you will have 1-2 days cushion! * But you are a procrastinator so me and you both know you are shopping this weekend so you wont have that luxury!

So for me when I am purchasing items very last minute I always ALways, ALWAYS call ahead to confirm availability and inventory. You do not want to be that person trekking 50 miles in the cold on a snowy day to pick up the last little Polly doll to have it outsold seconds before you get there! Don't let that be you! Always call ahead and PLEASE please speak POLITELY to the retail staff when you ask them to put your precious items on hold. When I worked in retail I have seen items mysteriously walk off from rude customers! Don't let that be you! Also make sure you advise when you will be in and put your phone number and name on the item! Lastly remember the associates name( as you will want to mention them if it disappears) and graciously thank them for assisting you with your late shopping adventure!!

Well I hope yall enjoyed this post and please comment below of any crazy last minute shopping stories you may have or ANY tips you think I might have forgotten!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My Top 5 Crushworthy Winter Picks

Hey yall!! Its been a long week! Since I was soo sick last week it has been tough to get back in the groove! But yall im back and betta than eva! I feel like that time off has caused me to have pent up creativity and somewhat a case of writers block! Which yall is an interesting combination! But without further ado I'm jumping into todays post as it is about 5 things Ive been Crushing on &&& been inspired by!

Photo from Pinterest by @Asos_Syana
1. Teddy Bear Jackets

These are soo cute and remind me of teddy bears! Seriously soo cozy & casual & cute! They look good with blue jeans and sneakers!
To shop this cozy jacket check out this look from Shein here!!

2. Deep Berry Lipstick

This color i have seen quite a bit on several women in this winter season and yall this is a look!!
*Photo from Instagram and Kahlana's most recent post! To follow her click here!

I saw Kahlana Barfield serve a look with it this week and yall Im loving it!
Also RiRi && Kelly Rowland have rocked it!
 Im gonna try it out. One of my New Years Resolutions is to take more risks!!

*All photos are courtesy of Pinterest!

3. Tory Burch GOLD Shoulder Bag
This purse I saw it and its a classic! The color is the perfect touch of understated glitz with this pretty gold color &  would add color to an ALL white ensemble might I add!!
To shop this purse click here!

Which brings me to the next look!

4. All white/ cream looks
I don't know if its me but i think its something about an all white cozy winter look that seems so sexy and adventurous!
Like its so daring to step out in all white when you have so many things that can go wrong, dirt, ketchup....Red Wine beware!

Haha but these looks below are some of my favorite pins from Pinterest and show the badassery!!

5. Leopard Jacket
Last look and one of the most fyahh!!
A classic leopard jacket with an all black ensemble underneath or jeans is very classy chic!
Ive been searching all over for a jacket similar to the jacket from Pinterest but I havent found the EXACT one! But its okay! Thats why i like fashion so much though because even though I can't get the same jacket the fact that I'm inspired by it I can make it my own! Thats the amazing power of fashion & inspiration!

Which of the 5 above is your fav??? Comment below as well if you have any new trends or styles you are loving!!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Hey yall today on the blog I am sharing some of my favorite boots picks for under $50!! YASSS queens and queenettes under $50!! I personally am a big supporter of high and low fashion and I believe in my heart of hearts that you can be oh soooo FASHIONABLE without breaking the bank!! Its so important to be intentional about your purchases as you can end up with a closet full of mismatched and un-coordinated things! And your shoes are so important as people judge you based on your shoes right away! So for todays post I will be sharing some of my favorite STATEMENT-MAKER SHOES that DON'T look like they are inexpensive!!
So grab some popcorn and start scrolling through my 5 favorite Boot Picks for under $50!!

#1 Silver Sparkle Slouchy Boots

These pair are my favorite as they are so sparkly and look like the statement makers from last year! The YSL boots were a classic last year among celebrities and are still today!
Now they are available at Target for $50! Yass queens just wait a year and you can jump on that trendy train!!
Click here to shop these gorgeous boots!

#2 Floral Booties

These boots are sooooo pretty so I had to share them! They would make any casual outfit pop and would do well the lighter color palette and even an all black ensemble! To me they would go well with a kimono! Say all black underneath and bright kimono and then these booties to complete the look!
Click here to shop these floral showstoppers!
 #3 Perfect Neutral Over The Knee Boot

These BOOTS are my current favorite! I've actually worn them three times this week already!! And look at those prices babe! Under $40!! Hurry as they are SOLD out in certain sizes!! They are from Shoe Dazzle so they do come with a subscription option! I actually will be doing a full blogpost on ShoeDazzle as I currently subscribe and Im an affiliate because I LOVE the overall quality of the boots. So stay tuned for that post! Click here to shop these classy beauties! 

#4 Perfect Black Boots 

These go with EVERYTHING! I actually wear these to work! That tells you how versatile these boots are! I wear them with pull on skinny black slacks and a business causal blouse. I even wore it with this vest and a black top last week!
 These shoes are also from Shoe Dazzle and under $40! Click here to shop these boots!

#5 Brown Patterned Boots 

These Boots are so cute as they actually will go with everything! You can wear them with blue jeans and even with a white dress and kimono! They are also from Target and of great quality for the price!These heeled boots also come in a grey and brown color just FYI!! These boots are also timeless and will be great for seasons to come!
Click here to shop these boots!  

Also as an extra BONUS I've included several more picks that although they didn't make the TOP 5 they are still noteworthy!!

Thank yall for following along and I would love it if you would comment below your favorite boots from above!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Friday, November 30, 2018

Fall Fashion Friday #Ootd

 Fall Fashion Friday

 Hey y'all today on on the blog I'm sharing my favorite new yellow vest.  I actually got it from Shein for under $25 yesss under $25. As yellow is my favorite color I felt like it was the perfect season to bring out this vest with an all black outfit underneath so that the yellow vest would very much pop! Making  it the statement maker of the outfit. Also I think this yellow vest would go well with a black dress and some boots as well as in the spring and summer it would be cute  with a sleeveless top & shorts with some cute booties.

Also how crazy is it that today is the last day of November and we only have one more month until the end of 2018. With that one month left I feel like people need to make sure that they have checked in with their goals and they are on top of reaching them!!  If not they can kick it in high gear to achieve those goals for the in 2018. I just want to encourage everyone to review their 2018 New Year's resolutions and try to stay on top of it to accomplish their goals by the end of the year!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Til next time,
Peace & Love 
Karen Beatty-Martinez๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday Sales &&&& Deals with Discount Codes & Linkss

Black Friday Sales & Deals

Hey yall so excited to share some of the great deals for today! I personally have been a fan of Black Friday shopping as I worked retail for 5 years through high school and in college.  So there is something about a busy retail store on Black Friday that brings back so many memories! BUT if you are not about the craziness of all of the stores I have included some sitewide Black Friday Deals and majority of the deals are going through CYBER MONDAY!! I have included several links and coupon codes so that it can be great one stop shop for you! Also I will be updating the website with more deals through out the day if I am made aware of! 

So grab a cup of tea and keep scrolling for the deals!! 

Shein- Currently the entire website is on sale for 70%% off!  I repeat 70%% off! This is a must shop sale!!
Forever21- 30%% OFF EVERYTHING on the site BLKFRI30
FashionNova- 40-80% off everything BLACK40 (This is a great sale to check out! Its perfect for the holiday parties coming up in December! A sparkly romper and a gorgeous dress for the office Christmas party! This is a sale to check out!)
Francesecas- Buy 1 get the second 70% off!! no code needed- This store usually has a combo BOGO sale but with the percentage to 70% its a deal!! 

Anthroplogie- 30% off everything! This is a big deal as there usually is not a % sales going on year round! I personally love going into this store for the home decor and candles!! They smell soo good!! This is the Volano candle it usually comes in a dark blue color but this design is perfect for the holidays! Click here to shop! 
Urban Outfitters- Buy 1 get one 50% off sitewide
LuLus- Take 25-90% off everything-sitewide use code BF25 Also they are doing Flash Sales right now so it has great deals for a limited amount of items!
VictoriasSecret: currently offering 40% off all bras and also other great deals. Also offering a coupon for later use after the holidays. 

Old Navy- currently 50% off  everything site- wide! If you were watching my Instastories you will see that I was shopping on Thanksgiving at this store! They had a GOLD  puffer jacket on sale for $25 and I had to buy it! Originally was $65 so that tells you they are having good deals right now! Although its currently out of stock online the jacket is available to be purchased in store! Also this is the link  here to other colors! 
Banana Republic: 50% off the entire website! This is a great time to purchase a high quality jacket that will be useful for years to come!
Ann Taylor Loft:50% off the entire website! This is great for business casual outfits for work! They are usually great quality pieces to layer for a polished look!

JcPenney- I shopped the JcPenney sale yesterday as well! We picked up some sheets and a luggage set! WE need the luggage as we jet-set across Europe next month! They have some great buys! Also I have to mention I am biased as I worked at JCPenney during my retail years!!! 
* Sephora inside JCP is having great deals as well!!* 
There are several eyeshadow palettes on sale right now!!

This one is only $10! Click here to shop!
Nordstrom- Selected items are on sale right now! But MAKE SURE you check out the Nordstrom Rack Sale. Currently 30% off the current red line prices!
Macys- Check link for full deals and details!!!
Neiman Marcus- Get 50$ off of $200 use code THANKFUL 
Tory Burch-30% off orders of $250 and over!  use code THANKS
Nordstrom Rack- Repeat its 30% off all of the clearance pricing! 
Shopbop- Currently 15% off, 20% off $500 and 25% off $800- use code MORE18
Target- Currently having a great sale and lots of deals just based on Black Friday sale.
One of my favorite gifts  is on sale as well! Also there is a 20% off of $50 purchase  that you can use on the 28th. 

This camera is on sale for under $60!

Clinique- Currently offering 25% off on the site- use code 25OFF
Sephora- Currently offering $15 & under packages which are great for holiday gifts!! 
Ulta- lots of great sales and special deals for under $20!
Urban Decay- 25% off and free shipping GIMME this is good as there are several palettes on the website on sale.
Fenty Beauty- Curently site wide 20% off for Black Friday no code needed.

Home & Decor
Bath & Body Works: Buy 3 get 3 free! I was hoping for a sale on the 3 wick candles but there wasnt at this time. The 3 Wick Candles are my top purchases! But with a coupon i got from recently shopping at $10 off it will be good to shop for other items! 
Bed Bath & Beyond: There as a $50 off a Keurig to check out! Also click here for full Black Friday Sales. 
At Home: They have some deals for the holidays to check out! Today we plan on purchasing out Christmas Tree and decorating for the holidays so its a great idea to check out!

Electronics & Other Things!!

Amazon-Click here for full Black Friday deals( electronics, books and everything is on sale!! 
Bestbuy- This was a sale I went into on Thanksgiving as I was looking for possible deals for Christmas-headphones and TVs! For full Black Friday deals check here!  The doorbusters are key for deals! 
Wal-Mart- This is the store you think of when you think of crazy Black Friday fights and feuds lol! For full Black Friday options click here!!

Thank you for checking out this fun post!

Til next time, 
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Monday, November 19, 2018

#New go To Foundation under $10

#NEW go-To Foundation

Today on the blog sharing my current go-to Foundation! The Dewy & Smooth foundation from Maybelline!!  Click here to shop!  Its actually under $10 and is seriously a great deal compared to my other 2 favs- Dior Star Foundation and the Estee Lauder full coverage foundation. 

I actually like to mix my foundations as the Estee Lauder is a shade or 2 lighter and great for coverage under my eyes and is perfect when my skin-tone is lighter in color during the winter months! While the color Mocha from the Maybelline Dewy & Smooth edition. While the other full coverage option is great when I am in a hurry and not able to color correct certain areas of my face! 
Currently loving the Dewy & Smooth.....

The Dewy & Smooth version is great as I always like my skin to look hydrated and dewy! When I was younger that was always one of my goals, look bright and dewy like Kerry Washington's skin always looks!

She always looks so fresh and bright and beautiful! I realize now that I am more experienced as well that she used more blushes and coral colors which play up to her skin and add a quite classy rosy glow! So yess I realize now that I have a girl-crush on Kerry Washington and her makeup! I have been a fan of hers before Scandal and she was a young actress on Saving the Last Dance. like 2001 far back lol! 

Anywho I digress if you are looking for a great and quality &&&& low cost the Maybelline Dewy & Smooth is a great foundation to try!!

Thanks for stopping by and comment below if you have any other foundation reccomendations !! Im seriously all about trying new quality foundations! 

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez
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