Thursday, April 19, 2018

10 Ways to Actively Practice Self Care

I came across the above quote from A Serene Pursuit and I had to share! It is way to easy to experience burnout so I have made a list of things we can do to actively practice self care so that we can refuel one task at a time! 

1. Do what you love to do to relax! 
If thats reading an amazing book or even dancing! Do it!! Trust your intuition in this regard as it is your body's natural way of relaxing!

2. Take a walk in nature.
There is something so relaxing about walking around nature that always refuels my soul! Bonus points if you go to a lake! I always felt relaxed when I would run around White Rock

3. Make yourself a bubble bath
* Bonus points add baking soda and epsom salt to your bath to relieve stress*

4. Journal
Journal your worries and cares that may be holding you back without you even realizing it!
I personally find fulfillment from writing its really therauptic for me so I have a tendency to write when I am stressed!

5. Yoga!!
I love yoga as it enable you to focus on the present moment and not worry about other things that do not serve you! 

6.  Watch one of your favorite childhood movies! There is something special about watching a nostalgic movie that reminds you of being a kid! Also its a reminder of how far you have come!

7. Say no to whatever doesn't light you up!
I got this one from Jessica When I read it I knew it was right for me! This means putting yourself first and saying no to things that do not serve you and you know will drain you!

8. Write yourself a love note to yourself! I actually have done this several times for when I feel down and need some inspiration to keep going and not to give up!

9. Work Out! Work Out! Work Out! 
Physical exercise may not seem to be an obvious choice but it enables you to get into your body and relieve endorphins! Its crazy how powerful and mind clearing a workout can do for your soul!

10. Meditate!
This one can be hard to do when we live such busy lives but its impact is so far reaching! 5 minutes a day keeps the stress away!! I myself did a 14 day mediation challenge and it was quite difficult to keep it up but I was able to accomplish so much. By intentionally  quieting my mind I realized what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted to achieve! Once you quiet your mind you change your thoughts which can change your life!!

I hope you enjoyed my tips for actively practicing self care!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty

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