Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My NEW Favorite Designer (frankly obsessed with) Shoes Post

Hey yall Im so excited to post today! Im sharing some of my favorite Summer Designer Shoes! I had way too much fun doing this post so I think Im going to make this a series!
But today is all about my favorite shoes that I have been crazily obsessing over and inspired by!
#1 Valentino Studded Boot

Valentino has done it again! These are going to be soo hot!! They are cute for athletic chic and also for a night out on the town!
To shop these trendsetters click here!

#2 Salvatore Ferragamo Gavi Rainbow Sandal

These are so colorful and so me! I like the stacked wedge as well! They would be cute with a summer dress or even dressed down with an all white outfit or even black! They are colorful enough to add some pizazz!!
To shop these summer staples click here!
#3 Gucci Floral Booties

These made me stop and have a moment of silence.... in admiration of these gorgeous designed booties! These are my style and right up my alley!!
To shop these floral showstoppers click here !

#4 Valentino Lion Boots

These are fierce!! Nothing less nothing more!! Just soo much fierceness!! I would wear only these and nothing at all!!!

To shop these baddies click here !

#5 Rainbow Louboutins
These are like the perfect addition to a monochromatic look or even to spice up a little black dress!!
To shop these colorful classics click here!!

Bonus:  Did someone say Jimmy Choo?

How brillant and beautiful are these dazzling Jimmy Choo Shoes????....I know right I had to share!!
To shop these dazzlers click here!

This is just a handful of my favorite shoes for summer and I will be sharing more of my favs next month! Just cruising through and obsessing and window shopping these showstoppers has made me so ready for New York Fashion Week!!!

Comment below if you are as obsessed as me with the shoes above and feel free to share any of your favs below in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty


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