Monday, June 25, 2018

Top 5 Beauty Picks in my Shopping Cart

#Makeup Picks

Today on the blog sharing some of my favorite beauty picks! I have already went by Sephora and tried out these products and are currently in my Top 5 of Beauty Purchases for Summer. They have actually helped me get a flawless look while making it look natural healthier skin!!

This primer is top notch and has seriously changed the application of my makeup. I have actually tried different primers but this one is my fav as its lightweight and doesn't make me feel ashy with the shade and pigment.

This is great as it actually comes in different tints for different skintones. I personllay use the candlelight color. Its a splurge for eye care product but so worth it!

This collection has a wide range of colors available and i actually love the colors as I use 2 of the concealers for the contour and highlight! My skin tone had darkened from my trip to Gulf Shores back in May and so I have actually been using darker concealer and foundation as just a shade darker can make a difference in your makeup routine. With the wide range of colors available NARS is a game changer!

The colors are so summery/fall and high pigment this is a great palette!!! I personally like the bronzey colors and the nudes! Also made me step out of my comfort zone and try new colors!

This is such a great formula for lengthening your lashes and I use it in combination with my Lancome Primer.  I use the Lancome with different mascaras and it works really well!

Well I hope y'all love this post it was a lot of fun to write!!

Til next time,
Karen Beatty 


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