Friday, November 30, 2018

Fall Fashion Friday #Ootd

 Fall Fashion Friday

 Hey y'all today on on the blog I'm sharing my favorite new yellow vest.  I actually got it from Shein for under $25 yesss under $25. As yellow is my favorite color I felt like it was the perfect season to bring out this vest with an all black outfit underneath so that the yellow vest would very much pop! Making  it the statement maker of the outfit. Also I think this yellow vest would go well with a black dress and some boots as well as in the spring and summer it would be cute  with a sleeveless top & shorts with some cute booties.

Also how crazy is it that today is the last day of November and we only have one more month until the end of 2018. With that one month left I feel like people need to make sure that they have checked in with their goals and they are on top of reaching them!!  If not they can kick it in high gear to achieve those goals for the in 2018. I just want to encourage everyone to review their 2018 New Year's resolutions and try to stay on top of it to accomplish their goals by the end of the year!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Til next time,
Peace & Love 
Karen Beatty-Martinez💕💕

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