Tuesday, September 22, 2020

#National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day & FAQs

Today is officially the First Day of Fall &&&&& most importantly its National Voter Registration Day. Today is so important to me ESPECIALLY with all of the political drama that permeates the news. It feels like this election has more meaning than previous years and there is a necessity for everyone to use they're right to vote and fully educate themselves about the political laws and structures.
I remember the last Presidential election how I had to take off half of the day as I had relocated to a different city for work and it was upmost importance that I exercised my right to vote. I remember driving the 2 hours- actually 4 hours round trip and I was so worried about the polling station and what forms of ID I would need and if I needed any special postcards etc. There are so many questions that first-time voters have and worry about asking and actually don't ask out of fear of looking silly and uninformed. And I can see where those unanswered questions can really deter well-meaning voters. 
So I have included several resources for Texas Voters with Frequently Asked Questions below

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Website Can I use to check my Voter Registration Status?           

I like to use the Texas Secretary of State Website as I personally wasn't too sure about using national websites and prefer to use State or County wide certified websites. I recommend the government website below:https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do

How old do you have to be to vote? 18 years old the day of voting

How do you register to vote?

What do you need to vote on the day of Voting? 

1 of the 7 forms of ID, Texas Drivers License, ID, Passport, Voter Registration Card, Military ID with photo, Handgun License

Is it Safe? Can I Vote by Mail? 

There is a risk of voting during a pandemic. If you are apart of the high-risk category see if you vote with a mail-in ballot. Watch the Video below about Vote by Mail


Where do I go? 

There are polling places throughout the County of Voting. Usually, it's a School Gym, Church, and other locations. By using the government website https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do it will actually walk you through the polling locations. If still unsure call your local County Clerk or County Elections Administrator as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you don't see your county below use this link to search by county
For Example 
Tarrant County Elections Admin, Heider Garcia- County Email Address (817) 831-8683 
Dallas County Elections Admin, Toni Pippins-Poole County Email Address(469) 627-8683 
Harris County, Christopher G. Hollins-County Email Address(713) 755-6411
Wichita County Lori Bohannon-County Email Address (940) 766-8100
How do you find out who is on the Ballot? Contact County Clerk 
How late Can I register? Required to register 30 days before the Election so OCTOBER 5th is the deadline to register for the November 3rd Election. I REPEAT


If you have any more questions please reach out to your local County Clerk or Elections Administrator. Don't delay as the time is now to take action and by voting, you are intentionally having a say in your future. As the real changes happen at the district and county levels. The local officials truly are the ones who have the major say as well as the big-ticket presidential pick. VOTE! Vote! VoTe!!!
THIS ELECTION YEAR IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT!! If you are not already registered to vote please REGISTER!! If you're already registered feel free to forward this post to your fellow Texans who have questions. As together we can all make a difference. DO NOT DOUBT WHAT WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOUR VOTE CAN MAKE!!!
Peace & Love πŸ’•πŸ’•,


Saturday, August 29, 2020

Rest In Power Chadwick

#RIP BlackPanther

4 years fighting silently 

This hits hard on so many levels. Chadwick Bozeman was the ultimate black superhero. Just superhero in general! Fighting colon cancer of all things that heavily and disproportionately affects men of color and for him to fight it with so much courage and the fight is just.... wow!!

When I heard about him passing last night it was before midnight and my husband showed me the news and we just couldn't believe it. 

The first thing that threw me was that he was 43! When they say black don't crack lol πŸ˜‚ but seriously I thought he was in his low 30s and for him to be 43.

He was seriously the epitome of grace, class, and courage. Rest in Power Chadwick!

May your legacy live on! I hope you rest knowing you have impacted all of the children who have been positivity affected by your perfect portrayal of The Black Panther.

Lifting up his family in prayer as this is such a tragic loss!

This also hits home as I can't help but think about how many people are fighting in silence they're own battles. Mental Health, Diseases, Loneliness, Depression.

We don't know what others go through. I encourage you to reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in awhile and just say hello and a listening ear! You never know what kind of difference that can make!

Life is so short!

*Photo Courtesy of luvvie instagram 

Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Summer Life Update

Current Life Update- Summer 2020

Hey yall, i wanted to check in as I haven't posted as consistently this month and I wanted to share an update on my summer and what's been going on!!


1. #NewJobWhoDis

 I have started a new job this year!! Your girl has started her dream job at the end of 2019 and I am officially a TEXAS REALTOR!! So I have been spending a lot of time dedicated to overcoming many obstacles to running my business day to day and adjusting to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur and ohhh child its a process!! * I will definitely be posting at the end of the year man of the lessons I have learned!! I have sold several homes already which I personally feel is a BIG accomplishment as I heard a stat that on average-68% of first-year realtors only sell 1-2 homes in their first year. And I have sold well past that number so I am exceeding my high expectations as of this moment!

2. #WorkingOnMyFitness

I have been working out more consistently this summer! Personally, when I am under stress or encountering massive shifts in my life I have seen that my mental health and my mindset can end up on the sidelines if I am not intentional about making it a priority. And that's where working out and running comes in the picture. Running and training my body for runs really helps me stay in shape but also I find that any roadblocks mentally I encounter a run helps me solve it. It's like a WIN-WIN when I run because when I run I feel better and I look better but then I end up feeling better again. It's like a cycle of positive reinforcement.

3. Creativity, Flow, and Consistency

Have been the main goals in my life! Consistency has always been a goal and it feels like in different seasons of my life consistency and habits that support consistency are easier to flow with and in other seasons I can be so unmotivated, But that's the beauty of life! I have definitely learned to be nicer to myself in the seasons of life when it's not flowing and allowing myself to pivot to other areas that need my energy and require less focus. Being in creative flow is its own euphoric state and something that I truly strive for. 

4. Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

I feel like mindset deserves its own book considering how much time I actually spend in my head, Nurturing and encouraging myself in the midst of a pandemic has been a huge priority for me this summer. I have been triggered by so many things this summer and I feel so blessed that I have always kept my mindset and mental health a priority over the last couple of years. So many things could have tripped me up with the quarantine and my coping habits were very healthy and nourishing to my soul and not debilitating. Writing, journaling, gardening, acting, writing some more, reading, consuming unearthly amounts of documentaries and action movies, and then writing some more!! We all cope differently and my coping has really encouraged me to EXPRESS myself more with full authenticity and without fear of rejection or the opinion of others!!

5. ENJOY the little things. 

This summer we lost my father in law on July15 and that has felt life. a lifetime ago. Losing him has caused me to have an immeasurable amount of gratitude for the small joys in life. He was an amazing man who touched so many people's lives with his life of service and a hilarious sense of humor. Its still hard to write about him today as his birthday is on Friday and I can't help but think about this time last year when we were planning his surprise birthday party & Dallas Cowboys game we had. Grief and Loss does nothing but change you to the core and makes you realize how short life is and how many things in life we have to be grateful for.
Sending love to you and everyone you encounter today!  We are gonna make it through this tough time in 2020! Be kind as we all have no idea what everyone is going thru, but if we can fully show up in a positive mindset of gratitude and love we can truly make a difference.
Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

#National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day

Hey yall today is officially National Lipstick Day and I am sharing my three favorite lipsticks right now!!

I personally have always been a sucker for lip balms and not necessarily lipsticks but I wanted to share my favorite lipsticks today.

Current Fav Lipsticks
1.Ultra Last-Instant Color -Purple Heart
2. Burt's Bees Red Dahlia
3. e.l.f. Sheer Stick- Jamor Jelly
Life has totally been so crazy with covid19 and trying to return to the new norm. I realize that I have to keep making new goals and creating better habits to really press my creativity and step outside of my comfort zone.

Thanks for checking out this video! 
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Month Who diss


Anyone else feel excited about the start of a new month?
For some reason energetically this month has felt more normal than the others and I feel like I am back in the groove of my life! Excitement-filled days full of ambitious vibes is my go-to vibe any day! 
It's weird also to think that the cases of Covid-19 are increasing in Texas counties and it's almost like a false start for us. But in reality it's all about perspective! My perspective is to keep on keeping on with the same drive and passion as before but to also proactively think of others and our safety. This balance is definitely possible but has to be intentionally done! 

Hand Sanitizer ✔️
Face Mask✔️
Cleaning surfaces✔️
Not touching anything✔️
Smiling at strangers ✔️
Polite Banter ✔️
Positive Thoughts ✔️
Meditate when I'm anxious✔️

All of these are necessary to keep me healthy AND mentally fit!!

Please stay safe out there and also don't let fear of the unknown keep you down!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Just ONE moment of Pause can make a difference

Just ONE moment of pause can make a difference!

Hey yall I have been really leaning on my meditation practice these past couple of months to really ensure my mental health! Taking mini pauses throughout the day and even before I react to triggering events, words, or even turn on the news has realy served me a world of good! If you are new to meditation I have included a list of some of my favorite videos for you to check out!

Ten Minute Guided Meditation

This is a great starter for a mini-break you may need throughout the day!

Five Minute Bell Meditation
This meditation helped me get through the corporate world. When I worked at Cartier this was my go-to on my lunch breaks and allowed me to get re-centered!!

Powerful Morning Affirmation Meditation

This video is great for when you first start daily affirmations as well. I love it when I can start my day with intention and pouring love into myself and confidence.... sometimes we need to hear it to believe it and affirming it is the best way to do it!!

Wind Down Meditation to fall asleep

& this one too is great for falling asleep

Its crazy how fast I feel asleep but it wasnt like a groggy sleep but actual sleep!
Thank yalll for checking out some of my favorite meditation-videos as they have been my serious go to these days to keep me centered!! If you can't do five minutes I recommend starting out with just a minute! One moment is all it takes!!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


Tuesday, June 16, 2020


If you would have told me this is how 2020 would have been a year ago......
I would not have believed you but the growth is real!!!!
I had to take space for my inner peace and just overall healing! This space of healing has hit me to my core and is just a wonderful space as I feel like portions of this healing is a buildup from my ancestors that needed to be resolved and healed! Oppression being brought to the limelight at this level is seriously a transformative experience! Transformative but not easy. I urge everyone out there to take a moment to check in with yourself truly and truthfully! If you need to cry then cry. If you need to weep then weep. If you need to tell then tell! This space of true authentic emotion is such a sacred space! Sending love to you on this amazing healing pathπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•


Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday Motivation #May edition


This quote inspires me and is my mantra for this month! With two months being in quarantine I realize that the processing of the massive changes in my daily life happens in waves. Some days are incredibly productive and others are filled with Netflix marathons.
It's all soo enlightening because I realize that if I want to do something I have to intentionally commit to doing it and not letting distractions step in and side track me.
"Do or do not there is no try," is a famous quote by Yoda the wise sage from Star Wars ⭐️ 

I'm personally a huge fan of Star Wars & grew up watching the movies with my daddy πŸŽ₯.  I have seen every installment of the series even the Mandalorian the big hit from last year. The "force" being with you in intuition and power is such a powerful theme in the movies and inspirational.

As today is May 4th this quote felt oh so appropriate as a reminder to stop making excuses and to just DO the tough things necessary in order to achieve my dreams. 

Well May The 4th be with you today!
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•

Friday, May 1, 2020

Cheers to May

Cheers to making it through April!!πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚
Yall we made it!!πŸ˜‚ Seriously what a blessing to wake up in a new month full of possibilities and hope! 
April was so eye-opening for me as I navigated the quarantine and seriously learned so many lessons. There was this push-pull of being majorly productive and then fully resting. By just being me and present was the real lesson.
One of the mIn successes of last month was incorporating new habits that kept me mentally strong. I ran 46 miles last month and it really helped me commit to a goal while staying healthy!
I'll be posting next week several more workout posts so stay tuned!
I'm feeling hopeful for the upcoming month and wishing blessings to you during this time.✨✨

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•


Monday, April 20, 2020

#Home-Made Brown Sugar Scrub

#Homemade Face & Body Scrub

For today's post, I am sharing one of my favorite throwbacks just in time for the quarantine.
As most of the makeup stores Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom are all closed during this time I wanted to share one of my favorite clean beauty recipes. As I have very sensitive skin and it actually works wonder on my skin when I'm in a pinch!
 I'm going over an easy 5 step recipe to make a brown sugar face/body scrub! As I have sensitive skin I was on the lookout for an organic option and I found one below:

Homemade Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Cup of Brown Sugar
Teaspoon Extra Virgin Coconut Oil(Solid Version)
8-10 ct of Blueberries
Small Mason Jars- I personally like the Ball brand! It's great quality and some come with lids!
A teaspoon of Vanilla Extra
Bowl or Plastic Bags
1. Crush blueberries (blend them if possible) into small pieces. The smaller they ate the easier it is to mix with the scrub! Save the juice and skin of the blueberries as it's healthy for your skin. Blueberries are full of antioxidants which are great for your skin!

2. Add the Brown Sugar!! (Brown sugar is a great exfoliant for people that have sensitive skin! I personally have sensitive skin and it's better to use this instead of salts.

3. Add the vanilla extract and coconut oil to the mixture.  The vanilla extract is good for keeping your skin young-looking and is also full of antioxidants and heals/ soothes your skin! And it smells tasty! While the extra virgin coconut oil helps as it's antifungal & antibacterial while being a great moisturizer!
4. Add more brown sugar if needed to make the scrub more scrub-like!
5. Voila, you're done! Slather away!! * Make sure you store in an airtight container once done!*
I personally like this scrub as it smells sooo good! It was hard for me not to eat it considering all of the ingredients were organic and edible!
This will assist you tremendously if you have sensitive skin like me as it will exfoliate while moisturizing your skin!
Hope Y'all liked today's post as it was super fun to do! Seriously couldn't believe how easy it was to make using food in my pantry!
Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Saturday, February 29, 2020

#FavTrend Feb edition

#FavTrend Feb edition

Hey y'all today on the blog! I am sharing three trends that I have seriously been sooo obsessed with! 

#1 Cutouts

Bella Hadid rocking Brandon Maxwell with the cutouts.
This trend was rocked during the 2020 New York Fashion Week and its a great way to put a modern twist on a normally classy look!

This TopShop top is from Nordstrom @ $35 and it's so cute! It would pair well with high waist pants or jeans!

And this crazy sexy cool cutout across the shoulder  top from Krisa is so cute! Priced at $120 can be picked up from Revolve!

For some reason i have been having technical difficulties with Mercury Retrograde!!! But this is the fav trend for Feb 2020!!
til next time,

Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•

Wednesday, February 19, 2020



Hey yall today on the blog, I am sharing some of my favorite yellow pieces!!
Yellow is hands down my favorite color! It's so bright and sunny and for me it is an instant mood booster!!
It's important to know what color in your wardrobe makes you feel like a million bucks! Presentation, job interview, HOTT date! Know what colors in your closet are your power colors! 

That is your secret weapon!! 

I am sharing several of my favs as well as high and low fashion pieces that are oh so inspiring for me! So stay tuned!!

1. Yellow Blazer

This is literally my go to, my secret weapon wardrobe staple! I actually wore it today for a presentation I gave! The crazy thing is that it was under $30 when I purchased it from Shein but with great upkeep(Thank you local cleaners) it has stood the test of time!
To shop for other yellow blazers click here!!

2. Yellow Zapatos
These boots are so fyahh with the combination of not one but TWO trends! Python and YELLOW! Yass please! Click here to shop these boots!!

3. Sunflower Blouse: 

Dolce & Gabbana Sunflower Blouse

Yall, I am seriously soo obsessed with the top above! Like seriously its crazy!! This Sunflower blouse is perfect regardless of the season! Dolce & Gabbana made a gorgeous piece! To shop for this stunning piece click here!
The blouses below are so business casual chic you can ever convert them to date night without any hesitation! 

More of my favs:

4. Yellow Chaqueta

This jacket! It is another trendy inspo piece for me! ITs a Teddy Style Jacket + Yellow Jacket! Seriouslyy love it!! It's only $275 so it's not too crazy! 
Click here to shop for this piece!

5. Yellow Birkin

Hermes Birkin.... yes, please! This is a complete inspo piece! It's only quoted at $83k no big deal!! It's stunning and this is literally the perfect statement-making piece for like ever! Shoot it better be it the cost of some cars!


Comment below which piece is your fav and inspires you!

til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


Monday, February 10, 2020



Blog If yall have not picked up your jaw off of the floor from last night's Oscars I'm there with you! I am nothing but inspired and excited for the fashion year ahead!! Okkkkkkay!!!
*I do not own the rights to these gorgeous photos, All have been tagged!

JanelleMonae Instagram

Janelle Monae Instagram


1. Janelle MonaeThis look is STUNNING, Point, blank period!! Alright thats it! Jewels, cape and gown all morphed into one! Just pure perfection!! Okay I have to talk about how much I'm obsessed with this look! There is a video by Ralph Lauren showing the making of this look! And seriously it exemplifies why its the number one look!For the Full Instavideo click here:https://www.instagram.com/tv/B8YG2d5h40R/?igshid=spv3na88j0bc

@ShayMitchell-official Instagram

2. Shay Mitchell killed it! As she is a new mom who didn't bounce back but bounced forward!! She is one of my fav celebs with her style and personality and this look did not disappoint!

Ciara's Instagram/ :

3. Ciara

yes queen baby bump and all and she completely killed this look! Yall this look makes me think twice about not rocking a killa look, baby bump or no baby bump!! You can still rock it!! Literally no excuse!! They seriously look like Ken and Barbie! #perfection once again!! 

4. Tessa Thompson

This Versace Goddess Look was spectacular!! She looked like one of the gorgeous Valkyrie from Marvel!! Stunning!!


5. Kylie Jenner

This look is such a gorgeous and chic evening gown look! Literally the style gods sent this custom gown for her! just a fyahhh look!
Picture from FashionBombDaily/Versace:

6. Cynthia Erivo- 

This dress was completely worn out by here! The way it hugs her curves but also looks like a ball gown but what about the leg slit! Yass queen she kilt this look!! A++ 
via FashionBombDaily:

7.Vanessa Hudgens's Royalty Purple Gown

The hue and the overall sexiness of this look was just so timeless and just so classy in an understated way!!! So gorg! Well done Vanessa!!

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8YBQLyA7QR/

8. Kanye & Kim

Kanye's look was just soooo crazy cool! Everyone is commenting how it looks like the Old Kanye! Its almost like he is matching Kylie lol. Kim looks stunning per usual with this cream number! The fabric and overall style screams Alexander McQueen and is such an epitome of edgy-chic!! Perfect!

9. Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig

This combo was so sensational during the Oscars! I feel like they stole the show and these looks they were serving definitely needed an award!! They should look into being hosts next year because they would kill it! BridesmaidsTWO huh??

10. Natalie Portman

 This dress is so so chic, effortless and glam! To make the whole look even more statement-making Natalie had all of the women's directors names embroidered on the cape who were shut out of the Oscars!  

11. Brie Larson 

This look was seriously looked so stunning in this gorgeous number! With the matching cape and the jewels together this ensemble ranks as one of her best looks in my opinion!!

Yall all of these looks just seriously inspired me sooo much and I remember as a teen being so mesmerized by award season and it seriously still rings trues! 
These fyahhh looks seriously encouraged me to keep stepping my fashion game up but they also re-affirm why I picked up my pen years ago..... as fashion still lights up my soul!!

til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Current Fav #HighLow Statement Pieces

Hey yall today on the blog I am sharing some of my favorite statement-making pieces.
As this is the January edition its mainly focused on winter wear. Several of the pieces can be transitioned into fall like the one above but definetly they are pieces that are trendy will most likely still be sooo hottt in 2020!!


Yall, the jacket above has seriously been my go-to for the past two months! I am sooo obsessed with the color! This jacket is from Charlotte Russe and I actually got it from a local consignment shop on top of that! As you can see from above I just pair it with an all-black outfit and boom I'm dressed up!
For more of my favorites: 


Yall headbands are perfect if you are having a bad hair day or just want to add a little pop to your outfit! I use them when my hair is not looking as fresh as it should be! this is a great tip if your braids or weave needs a refresh! Headbands will help you buy a couple of days! 

To shop some of my favs:


Need I say more! Handbags can take any outfit from blah to YASSS honey!
To shop the Lipstick purse click here! SPLURGE-WORTHY!!
Regarding my personal style I have a range of low end purses like an

 essential brown bucket bag pictured here to my classic Louie!

I highly recommend you invest in a signature luxury handbag!
The thing is that no one tells you is that you could purchase a luxury handbag (pre-owned aka pre-loved) or you could even rent it! Yall Im so serious! I am dedicated a full #blogpost about purchasing luxury handbags so stay tuned!
For some of my favs:


Sneakers are perfect to dress down a outfit and also as a mood booster to kick butt in the gym!

these are some of current favs!!
All of these range in price from under $100 to upwards of $600
 Sneaks Favs: 


Missguided & Asos has several oversized blazers that are under $100 and can help you still get that fab look!
Also, I highly recommend you visit your local thrift store and check out the men's blazers as you are more likely to find a bigger jacket with a crazy sexy cool vibe!
Currently fav blazers:

Thank yall for the checking out some of my favorite statement-making pieces! The best thing about high/low fashion is that you don't have to splurge on the statement-making pieces but if you know how to style it, it will look like you splurged.
til next time
Peace & Love, 
Karen Beatty-Martinez

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