Thursday, January 16, 2020

Great Workouts to Start 2020 with a Bang!

Start 2020 with a BANG!!

Hey y'all today on the blog I'm sharing some of my favorite at-home workouts to help
You kickstart the new year. I personally have a big goal this year to run several
More 5ks and a 10k!

If you are having a hard time getting started on your goal then I Definitely recommend for you to watch the video below!

I personally find that when I need a kick in you know what I watch a 3-4 minute motivational video.

HIIT Treadmill:
High-Intensity Training is supposed to be a fat burner and as a sprinter, I find it so helpful for a quick workout
I have been doing an incremental workout lately on the treadmill that has been paying off for me! Regardless of the amount of time I have to work out just doing a 15-minute workout was impactful.
Basically what you do is walk 30 seconds and sprint 90 seconds and then alternate it. The goal is to be able to sprint the full 2 minutes. If 30 seconds is not enough to rest increase to a minute and walk one minute and run one minute.
Basically, it will look like this for a 20-minute workout
0:00-1:30 Sprint -Light intensity-;warmup rate
1:30-2:00 Walk
2-3:30 Sprint at Medium Speed
3:30-4 Walk
4:00-5:30 Sprint at Full Speed
5:30-6:00 Walk

Repeat the sets to the amount of time for the workout

Make sure you warm up before with at least 7-10 minutes of stretching.

And make sure you also cool down with good stretching. This is a step I never skip as I have pulled muscles in the past and its all because I was rushing. Don't make this mistake!


The Best abs video I have used I have not been able to get thru all 7 days and yall thats definelty on my resolutions list this year!

#Leg Day:

Britnee Babe gives so many workouts that you do at home with no equipment! Seriously I am a big fan of her easy and kick-ass workouts!!


Adrienne is an Austin based Yoga teacher that has an amazing yoga community and she makes so many amazing videos for any fitness levels!

This video is great for cool downs after a long workout as well!

Hope yall enjoy today's post and this will encourage you to get started on your fitness journey!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinezđź’•


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