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Blog If yall have not picked up your jaw off of the floor from last night's Oscars I'm there with you! I am nothing but inspired and excited for the fashion year ahead!! Okkkkkkay!!!
*I do not own the rights to these gorgeous photos, All have been tagged!

JanelleMonae Instagram

Janelle Monae Instagram


1. Janelle MonaeThis look is STUNNING, Point, blank period!! Alright thats it! Jewels, cape and gown all morphed into one! Just pure perfection!! Okay I have to talk about how much I'm obsessed with this look! There is a video by Ralph Lauren showing the making of this look! And seriously it exemplifies why its the number one look!For the Full Instavideo click here:

@ShayMitchell-official Instagram

2. Shay Mitchell killed it! As she is a new mom who didn't bounce back but bounced forward!! She is one of my fav celebs with her style and personality and this look did not disappoint!

Ciara's Instagram/ :

3. Ciara

yes queen baby bump and all and she completely killed this look! Yall this look makes me think twice about not rocking a killa look, baby bump or no baby bump!! You can still rock it!! Literally no excuse!! They seriously look like Ken and Barbie! #perfection once again!! 

4. Tessa Thompson

This Versace Goddess Look was spectacular!! She looked like one of the gorgeous Valkyrie from Marvel!! Stunning!!

5. Kylie Jenner

This look is such a gorgeous and chic evening gown look! Literally the style gods sent this custom gown for her! just a fyahhh look!
Picture from FashionBombDaily/Versace:

6. Cynthia Erivo- 

This dress was completely worn out by here! The way it hugs her curves but also looks like a ball gown but what about the leg slit! Yass queen she kilt this look!! A++ 
via FashionBombDaily:

7.Vanessa Hudgens's Royalty Purple Gown

The hue and the overall sexiness of this look was just so timeless and just so classy in an understated way!!! So gorg! Well done Vanessa!!

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim's Instagram:

8. Kanye & Kim

Kanye's look was just soooo crazy cool! Everyone is commenting how it looks like the Old Kanye! Its almost like he is matching Kylie lol. Kim looks stunning per usual with this cream number! The fabric and overall style screams Alexander McQueen and is such an epitome of edgy-chic!! Perfect!

9. Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig

This combo was so sensational during the Oscars! I feel like they stole the show and these looks they were serving definitely needed an award!! They should look into being hosts next year because they would kill it! BridesmaidsTWO huh??

10. Natalie Portman

 This dress is so so chic, effortless and glam! To make the whole look even more statement-making Natalie had all of the women's directors names embroidered on the cape who were shut out of the Oscars!  

11. Brie Larson 

This look was seriously looked so stunning in this gorgeous number! With the matching cape and the jewels together this ensemble ranks as one of her best looks in my opinion!!

Yall all of these looks just seriously inspired me sooo much and I remember as a teen being so mesmerized by award season and it seriously still rings trues! 
These fyahhh looks seriously encouraged me to keep stepping my fashion game up but they also re-affirm why I picked up my pen years ago..... as fashion still lights up my soul!!

til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

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