Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Happy Anniversary to Mi Amour

My Anniversary & Tips for Newlyweds!

What a year it has been! Happy Anniversary to mi amour today! 

Can't help but feel all of the feels looking back on our special day and all of the precious moments and memories from that day. 

What makes me even more grateful is the type of love and friendship, and rolling on the floor over laughter that we share every single day.  I feel like for me the daily habits of us just being ourselves and truly loving each other thru and thru has truly changed me! We both allow ourselves to just BE who we really are! 
1. Give each other slack. We all get really busy and there is no way we can all be out #1 Selves all of the time. But we both give each other slack when either one of use is stressed out. It's so important.
2. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and honest. This year for us was full of unexpected moments of vulnerability and I can't help but feel we are so much closer because of it.
3. Give each other space and respect how the other partner processes information.
With all of the crazy changes in the world COVID, new job and career changes, and everything going on. We realize it was important to give each other space to cope with so many of the changes. Michael did well with me when I needed it. As I am a natural introvert I actually need more time to process and it's incredible how a 45-minute tv show or alone time can make a difference for me. And Michael really gave me space when I would need it to process things. This process is important for me to truly honor my creativity flow and to get my s't done lol!
So incredibly excited for the next 60,70 shout even 80 years! Love you to Jupiter and back my love!!


Thursday, September 24, 2020


Getting Back on the Horse

Yall its been a minute since I have done a Training Thursday Post and todays post is fitting as I have started a new Workout Challenge and I have completed 2 days so far which is definitely a great sign!
I recently saw a throwback interview of Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Fallon on my YouTube Recommendations and ot is what spurred me to try something new in my Workout Regimen. In the interview Ashton Kutcher was talking about how he is a tech investor and how he had recently decided he may invest in the Noom company as they are making big changes in the health industry. As I had also saw a Noom commercial while watching the Lakers Basketball game 🏀  I felt like this was a great confirmation to try Noom!! 
And yall I have to admit Im pretty obsessed! ITS SOOO COOL AND LIKE FUTURE ORIENTED IN THIS Cool conversational and knowledgeable style! Anywho I'm only on Day 2 so it can only get better as the main goal of accountability and consistency is already working!

RUN A 5K BY 9/30
RUN A 10K BY 10/12
What I have realized is that my overall health is the main goal and not reducing the number on the scale. NOOM has so many tips so far about caloric eating and just overall health that I'm seriously way too pumped! 
So Stay tuned as I will be sharing my results. Also by posting on here I am further forcing myself to be accountable to being consistent and honest with myself!
If you have used Noom before please comment below your personal experience as I would love to hear about it as well as cheer you on!
Peace & Love,


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

#National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day & FAQs

Today is officially the First Day of Fall &&&&& most importantly its National Voter Registration Day. Today is so important to me ESPECIALLY with all of the political drama that permeates the news. It feels like this election has more meaning than previous years and there is a necessity for everyone to use they're right to vote and fully educate themselves about the political laws and structures.
I remember the last Presidential election how I had to take off half of the day as I had relocated to a different city for work and it was upmost importance that I exercised my right to vote. I remember driving the 2 hours- actually 4 hours round trip and I was so worried about the polling station and what forms of ID I would need and if I needed any special postcards etc. There are so many questions that first-time voters have and worry about asking and actually don't ask out of fear of looking silly and uninformed. And I can see where those unanswered questions can really deter well-meaning voters. 
So I have included several resources for Texas Voters with Frequently Asked Questions below

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Website Can I use to check my Voter Registration Status?           

I like to use the Texas Secretary of State Website as I personally wasn't too sure about using national websites and prefer to use State or County wide certified websites. I recommend the government website below:

How old do you have to be to vote? 18 years old the day of voting

How do you register to vote?

What do you need to vote on the day of Voting? 

1 of the 7 forms of ID, Texas Drivers License, ID, Passport, Voter Registration Card, Military ID with photo, Handgun License

Is it Safe? Can I Vote by Mail? 

There is a risk of voting during a pandemic. If you are apart of the high-risk category see if you vote with a mail-in ballot. Watch the Video below about Vote by Mail


Where do I go? 

There are polling places throughout the County of Voting. Usually, it's a School Gym, Church, and other locations. By using the government website it will actually walk you through the polling locations. If still unsure call your local County Clerk or County Elections Administrator as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you don't see your county below use this link to search by county
For Example 
Tarrant County Elections Admin, Heider Garcia- County Email Address (817) 831-8683 
Dallas County Elections Admin, Toni Pippins-Poole County Email Address(469) 627-8683 
Harris County, Christopher G. Hollins-County Email Address(713) 755-6411
Wichita County Lori Bohannon-County Email Address (940) 766-8100
How do you find out who is on the Ballot? Contact County Clerk 
How late Can I register? Required to register 30 days before the Election so OCTOBER 5th is the deadline to register for the November 3rd Election. I REPEAT


If you have any more questions please reach out to your local County Clerk or Elections Administrator. Don't delay as the time is now to take action and by voting, you are intentionally having a say in your future. As the real changes happen at the district and county levels. The local officials truly are the ones who have the major say as well as the big-ticket presidential pick. VOTE! Vote! VoTe!!!
THIS ELECTION YEAR IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT!! If you are not already registered to vote please REGISTER!! If you're already registered feel free to forward this post to your fellow Texans who have questions. As together we can all make a difference. DO NOT DOUBT WHAT WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOUR VOTE CAN MAKE!!!
Peace & Love 💕💕,

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