Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Happy Anniversary to Mi Amour

My Anniversary & Tips for Newlyweds!

What a year it has been! Happy Anniversary to mi amour today! 

Can't help but feel all of the feels looking back on our special day and all of the precious moments and memories from that day. 

What makes me even more grateful is the type of love and friendship, and rolling on the floor over laughter that we share every single day.  I feel like for me the daily habits of us just being ourselves and truly loving each other thru and thru has truly changed me! We both allow ourselves to just BE who we really are! 
1. Give each other slack. We all get really busy and there is no way we can all be out #1 Selves all of the time. But we both give each other slack when either one of use is stressed out. It's so important.
2. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and honest. This year for us was full of unexpected moments of vulnerability and I can't help but feel we are so much closer because of it.
3. Give each other space and respect how the other partner processes information.
With all of the crazy changes in the world COVID, new job and career changes, and everything going on. We realize it was important to give each other space to cope with so many of the changes. Michael did well with me when I needed it. As I am a natural introvert I actually need more time to process and it's incredible how a 45-minute tv show or alone time can make a difference for me. And Michael really gave me space when I would need it to process things. This process is important for me to truly honor my creativity flow and to get my s't done lol!
So incredibly excited for the next 60,70 shout even 80 years! Love you to Jupiter and back my love!!


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