Friday, May 25, 2012

Red, Yellow and Teal Pants

I have seen different colored pants that I am thinking about trying out this summer.

1. Teal Pants
These were seen on Lilly's Style blog and I had to re-post it. I just love this look!!

teal pants...
teal pants

Pinned Image
2. Yellow Cropped Pants

I saw a young woman in her 20s pushing her stroller with her 2 children, but I thought she looked so chic in her yellow pants and white tee combo. I knew she was a fashionista!! Here are some of the looks that I like with yellow pantalones! Obviously I love the yellow and white combo!!!
yellow pants

yellow pants.
This blogging site and Liily's Style makes me want to take pictures of my own outfit combos!! This will help build my self confidence and fashion knowledge!! Im going to challenge myself to do this pretty soon!

Yellow pants

red pants love
red pants

Red Pants

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