Wednesday, November 13, 2013

According to Neiman Marcus... Fall Top 10

According to the Fashion Director Caroline Maguire..." it all comes down to strong leather pieces balanced out with relaxed silhouettes, and plenty of animal spots and studs" for this fall season. The fall season is coming to an end pretty quickly but I want to include her list and find a way to transition all of the pieces into the winter season!!

1. Givenchy Chain Strap Calfskin Boot

2. Alexander Wang Leopard Print Backpack
3. J Brand Shearling Lined Coat Paired with a Grey Sweatshirt Top
4.Eddie Borgo 5 Finger Ring
5. Laura Mercier Vanilla Souffle Body Cream
6. Rag and Bone Boyfriend Ripped Jeans
7. 3.1 Phillip Lim Rabbit Fur Patchwork Sweatshirt
8. Alexander Wang Black Twisted Muscle Tee Shirt Dress
9. Saint Laurent Studded Crossbody Duffle Bag
10. ALC Motorcycle Pants

These 10 pieces may seem hard to integrate into a college fashionistsa's daily fashion choices. But it is not impossible to do. 

The motorcycle pants can be the easiest to use with a pair of short boots and a cute sweater top and accessorized with a studded crossbody handbag. This is great for a casual day in class.
Another casual outfit is the ripped boyfriend jeans paired with a patchwork sweatshirt this is a great outfit for a comfy Saturday when you need to run errands. You can look trendy and still be comfortable!
The Leopard Print Backpack is a staple item that can be either a leopard backpack or even a leopard handbag. I used a leopard satchel last Fall and one thing is for sure and that is that Leopard is never out of style.

The 5 finger ring is not a publicized trend on my campus and I don't mind starting the trend on campus either. 

The black tee shirt dress and then paired with the boots and a leather jacket and leggings would be great for a date night with the hubby. Its more formal than casual but not over the top!
Lastly the Mercier Vanilla Souffle Vanilla Cream would be a daily staple to hydrate my dry skin during the winter months. This is an expensive staple item but well worth it.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"And underestimate what they can do in their whole lives."

This quote reminds me of tonight as I stay up and write a paper that is due this morning in my 8 am class. The thing is that I also have a Student Ambassador Meeting at 7am!! So I am up now to write the paper. The paper is only 3 pages but the thing is it is self analysis page and I have to actually evaluate my personal leadership skills. And it goes on and on.

My constant procrastination in doing assignments has caused me to always be a nervous wreck the night before an assignment is due and forgoing sleep just to get done an assignment that should have been finished  in the daylight!  After every assignment I always say I will not procrastinate again and yet I always do! I tell myself that under pressure I excel and I DO!!! But how much different would my nights be if I didn't!

"And underestimate what they can do in their whole lives."The last part of the quote I feel like I could write a book on. So many people underestimate the true value of their lives and what they CAN contribute to society. So many people worry that they aren't good enough or cant do something or just don't dream BIG  enough because they don't give themselves a chance to excel they are terrified of failure.

I want to work in the Fashion Industry as a Buyer/Allocator/Planner!! This seem almost impossible and very nerve racking but Im going to stay motivated and do everything I can to achieve this dream!! So I urge everyone to dream BIG and never underestimate what you can do!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Apartment Living Room Colors!

Last week me and the hubby move into our new apartment and we are so excited! The apartment location is very convenient for our jobs and the travel time to campus so we will not have a change in our monthly budget. I'm so excited to be able to decorate the apartment ! I recently downloaded the Houzz app on the play store!! And I have to admit that  I'm hooked!! I have so many ideas of living room decoration ideas.

The theme is contemporary with red, black and white theme!

                                                          White furniture options

Red furniture options

Combo of both color options for Furniture


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Enjoy the little things

Last night after I got off of work I made myself an amazing dessert. I bought a chocolate cake and I heated it up in the microwave and I also left out my newly bought half gallon of vanilla ice cream. I couldn't wait to get down on my dessert. After I put the last scoop of ice cream in my bowl I turned around ever so quickly and dropped the whole tub of ice cream on the floor. I wasn't too upset since I had enough ice cream in my bowl but I had in fact caused the ice cream tub to fall.

But I learned a lesson last night. I need to slow down and relax and enjoy the simple things in life.
Like playing dress up with Ellie or playing fetch with Prince, or just watching a movie with my hubby! The little things in life actually matter the most. My relationships with my family are the most important.

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Friday, August 16, 2013


Last week I went to Seattle,Washington to attend the 49th Annual Grand Chapter Congress of Delta Sigma Pi. Delta Sigma Pi is a national business fraternity and I am so PROUD to be apart of this amazing brotherhood. Seattle had a completely different vibe than my hometown in Texas. And I absolutely loved it.
The weather was so chill and a light jacket wasn't required! While back in Texas the temp was approaching 100 degrees every day I was in Seattle. Oh how much did I not miss the Texas heat!!

 My best views were from the Seattle Needle. I am definitely not a city girl but the view of Seattle left me speechless. I couldn't help it feel motivated and passionate about who I am and where I am going. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had in my life and can't help but stay positive about my future.

The best experience I had in Seattle would have to be the times I spent with the brothers from across the nation. All of us coming together for a common cause and brotherhood!! I'm so proud to be a Deltasig!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Date Night with.... Mom-in law!!

Last night me and Michael had our usual Saturday Date Night!! We started off the evening with a romantic dinner at Olive Garden and talked about our upcoming week and Michael's big goal at the car lot. Michael works at Joe Cooper Toyota and he absolutely loves it and excels at it. This is definitely a career that Michael will be successful in!

But after dinner we went to the movies with his mom!! Yes his mother was apart of our date night and I can honestly say she was a great addition to the night. His mom is actually really funny and I was able to see where Michael gets his sense of humor from!

Even though the first reaction to a date night with your mom in law sounds lame and uncomfortable it actually can turn into a great bonding experience! I hope me and Michael can do it again sometime. 
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