Thursday, March 3, 2016

And the Training Continues March 3rd 2016

Today was a light day especially since I am trying to be more consistent with my running. Last week I took the whole week off because I have been preparing for a move. And oh how I wish I had slipped in at least 2 workouts that week. My stress level would have been way more manageable.
But we live and we learn and I definitely will NEVER go a week without running again.
My goal is to run a half marathon by the end of August but I wanna add 2 more tangible goals to the list.This will allow me to stay dedicated and I know I will feel more empowered after knocking out 2 more milestones.

So I am putting it in writing so I have something to go back to. They say if you write down a goal you are more likely to accomplish it.


1. Run Timed 5k by March 31st.

2. Run Timed 10k by June 20th.

Overall Goal is to Run Half Marathon by the end of August

I also have to mention that I am very eclectic and listen to all kinds of music when I run!! Just a warning before you see the playlist! And I listen to great music so check out some of the songs!

Music Playlist for Today's Workout

1. Consideration by Rihanna
2. Respect by Aretha Franklin
3. 11 Something by Sumerella
4. Powerful by Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding
5.Everything is Everything by Ms. Lauryn Hill
6. Shelter by Ray LaMontagne

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