Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#International Womens Day March 8th

Yesterday was International Womens Day and I can't help but feel proud to be a woman in 2016.
There are so many things to be proud of especially as a black woman.  In this day and age you can find yourself shying away from reaching your full potential just because of so many heavy expectations and limitations set by society in general in being a black woman. But there are so many strong and inspiring woman(Oprah, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington to name a few) throughout history who have defied the odds and overcome obstacles to show that you can achieve your dreams. Today in 2016 even though are so many controversial issues surrounding my culture and are tied to being an African American I still can't help but feel blessed to have all of the opportunities I do in 2016. 100 years ago my ancestors had a different type of battle and I know I will not be doing anyone any favors by not reaching my full potential and achieving my dreams!

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