Monday, May 23, 2016

Oh Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde ended yesterday and I have never felt so relieved. These past couple of weeks definitely have been marked with confusion and miscommunication and even unnecessary words that can't be taken back. This is the usual circumstances when mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde.
The first time I had heard of Mercury Retrograde was in a Cosmopolitan  magazine by the Astrotwins. It was written in a way that anyone who is not familiar with astrology would understand.  If you aren't familiar with mercury retrograde either,  I have listed the 3 key concepts  to remember for when

1. Don't sign contracts during this time period as usually the terms aren't very clear at the time of signage or someone could change their mind. Try to postpone contracts of all kinds  including  new job contracts ,leases and major purchases.
2. Past friends and lovers will randomly show up or will run across your mind as well. I've seen this happen time and time again with my friends and even in my life. Proceed with caution as nothing is as it appears and things will make more sense when mercury goes direct. So hold on!
3. Expect delays. As things will be slowed down in travel, technology and travel. Mercury rules all of these areas so they will be affected. So make sure you plan ahead. I always think about Murphys Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So make sure your flight is booked  and and you have that spare tire just in case. I always keep my travel to a minimum  during this people

*Also the positive effects of this period is that it causes you to slow down and review key areas in your life. As this time is necessary to discuss issues that you may have in your close relationships. So make sure you really slow down and review. Don't recommend for you to take action until mercury goes direct as things will be much clearer.

Hopefully you didn't have any major mishaps during retrograde period.
I hope my tips are helpful for you as the next time Mercury goes Retrograde. The next  retrograde period is at the end of August!  I am most definitely not looking forward to it. Lol!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This day 2 years agoo....

This day 2 years ago I graduated from college with my bachelor's degree! This day 2 years ago I had bookmarked in my calendar for years. A day I had worked for 16 long studious years to receive that amazing piece of paper that  showed it was all worth it.  Graduating with my diploma on 5/10/2014 I had so many dreams and wishes for what I could accomplish. I can honestly say I could not have gotten there without the help of so many people including friends and family and even the support of my ex-partner. And even today looking back on that day I realize I have accomplished and learned  so much in the span of these past 2 years. Life lessons. Workplace lessons. Identity lessons. Women lessons. Health lessons. These are all lessons that a college education can't solve for you or prepare you for. The only way to deal with them is to experience them and learn from them. I can definetly say a college education is necessary in my field of work but it definitely is not a representation of my life experience. Today as I celebrate 2 years being free from thosr grueling finals and stressful midterms I will spend the day savoring my freedom because it will not last long. As my next step is to start preparing for my admissions tests for my masters in the fall. So drinks tonight🍸🍹 but tough studying is ahead in the next couple of months! Let's go!!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

100 Year-old Woman Runs 100 meters

Today's recent post on bing today highlighted Ida Keeling who is 100 years old and ran the 100 meter dash with a time of 1:17! This in itself is sooooo inspiring. I actually  imagine my mother running at 90 years old as well. She will probably run until the ripe age of 100 as well. I feel lucky to have her as a fitness role model. As a kid she would run in the USA Track and Field Open/Masters Division. She trained and ran in the track meets in the summer.  She actually is training for a meet that's this upcoming  month. Her fitness work ethic is something that is rare for people her age.
I don't know what the future holds but I can only hope that I will be as active as my mom or even Ms.Ida!!

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