Wednesday, June 22, 2016

National Yoga Day 6/21/2016

Today is National Yoga Day! In honor of this national day I have included a picture of 30 yoga poses to try out. I've been practicing yoga for years and my main goal is to try to perfect the handstand. This requires a great core and sense of balance and strength. It is very much possible but will take a lot of hard work!

Yoga has sooo many great health benefits. Every single time that I complete a group session I always feel such a high level of peace and feeling centered.

When you are focused on each pose and even regulating your breathing this allows you to really lose focus of all of your worries and focus on the here and now.
My main source of stress and anxiety is linked to me worrying about the future and not being present in the here and now. Practicing yoga gently forces me to stay present. I highly recommend everyone to try it. It will change your life!  Happy#NationalYogaDay! #namaste


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