Monday, January 23, 2017

💕 Monday Motivation 💕

 Monday Motivation 

In honor of the Women's March that took place worldwide on Saturday. This is one of my favorite quotes by Jessica Valenti she is a great activist breaking awareness to women's issues.
This past weekend millions of  us women stood up for what we believed in and it's been so interesting to see people's reactions. I've always been open minded and I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion but WOW several of my FB friends have shocked me with the outright hateful language that they have shared.  It seems very apparent that people don't want to use the word feminism as if it's some yucky word that's too aggressive. But feminism is acknowledging that we would like for women to be treated equal as men. Nothing less nothing more. I'm sooo proud to see the March this past Saturday such an inspiring event and will definetly go down in history!!
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