Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Today is officially International Women’s Day ad is currently being recognized on a global scale.

The United Nations have adopted the #beboldforchange hashtag and can’t help but find the hashtag fitting and even more motivating. As a woman it can be so easy to be passive about women’s issues out of fear of ridicule and just insecurity. But these issues affect us all on the daily.

On the international scale in comparison of 144 countries there is a  59% wage gap between woman  and men. This number can seem overwhelming and you may ask yourself what can you do personally to make a difference?

I recommend visiting  the International Women’s Day website and signing up and taking a stand & #beboldforchange by BOLDLY stepping forward to take action. I signed up and I was officially 1 of 44,166 people who have decided to step forward.


I encourage everyone to be bold and to bring awareness to this issue that affects us all.



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