Monday, January 8, 2018

Makeup Monday

Today's Makeup Monday focuses on my top 5 beauty products from 2017 that I will definitely be using into 2018

I. Edge Control by Style Sexy Hair

This edge control I actually discovered it through my hairstylist and I was a little  reluctant to try it as is this icy blue color! Say what??  But it comes out blue but it doesn't stay that color! This had  my edges on fleek for almost 2 days without having to reapply it! Seriously!!
Click here for the link!

I discovered the Primer earlier this year from a Ipsy bag I got and absolutely love it as it adds nutrients to my lashes. It makes me feel like it's making them healthy while making hem beautiful!
While the L'Oréal  Paradise Mascara is a new hit as I have been using a different type by L'Oréal the falsies style for years and this new style did not disappoint!

3. The Micellar Wipes are my go to after a photo shoot as they just wipe off all of the contouring and highlighter I have used! It doesn't smell bad either as I have very sensitive skin and so I have to be mindful of this! If you have sensitive skin you may want to check it out!

4. This Mikasa Makeup Brush kit is 🔥🔥!! I have used them this whole year and can't believe I hadn't used them sooner! They make a big difference in my makeup application!
FYI-if you use my discount code BRIGHTLYSOO25 you can get 25% off. I  also not saying this because I am an affiliate but because they are quality brushes and have made a world of difference with my makeup application!! 💋💋

5. Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum has been a key product to keeping my dark circles  under control. Everyone has a different genetic disposition to dark circles and in my family majority of us have them! This has helped me out this year quite a bit!  
I first got a bottle of it when I purchased it with a gift set around the holidays and got an amazing deal of a gift set! I am grateful I took the chance and purchased it as it was all worth it!!

This is a list of my TOP 5 Beauty finds of 2017 and I'm still using today in 2018!

Stay tuned this week as I will be posting about the Golden Globes as I wa beyond inspired and motivated after seeing this awards ceremony!

Til then
Love & Peace 💕💕,

Karen Beatty
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