Monday, January 22, 2018

#Makeup Monday

Hey loves I am going over the importance of knowing your skin type. Your skin type will determine the type of cleaner you should use and the moisturizer to clean and hydrate your skin with.
Below I have the steps to actually test what kind of skin type you have. Its possible for your skin to change with life events and even the seasons so I recommend a test be done once every 2 years or so.

Supplies needed:

A. Cleanser you currently use
B. Tissue or blot paper
C. Hour timer!

1st Step
Remove all of your makeup with makeup remover cleaner or wipes.

2nd Step
Wash your face with a cleanser and let air dry for about an hour!

3rd Step-HOUR'S UP!
Once the hour is up go back and use blotting paper or tissue paper and place it on your dry face.

4th Step-RESULTS
Assess if there is any excess oil on the tissue
If there is any excess oil then you have oily skin.
If there is only oil on your t-zone (forehead & nose or cheeks) then you have combination skin type.
Also see if you have any flakiness or irritation as you could have sensitive skin.
If there is no excess oil but your skin feels tight you have dry skin.
Lastly if there is no excess oil and your skin feels supple you have normal skin! Congrats this is the lowest maintenance type.


There is a much quicker test called the "pinch test"!
Once you pinch your skin if it feels smooth then you have oily skin and if it has wrinkles you have dry or combination skin.

Now that you know your skin type there are certain tips you should keep in mind to cater to your skin type and to not hurt but help your skin. The main reason I wrote this post as I have several friends who did not know their skin type growing up and as a result they were not using the correct products which in turn caused them to breakout even more.
One of my friends was using a moisturizer for dry skin not realizing she has oily skin which in turn caused her to break out even more!
So this is muy importante!!

Sensitive Skin- I have sensitive skin sometimes and if I change ONE product in my skin regimine it will cause me to have a reaction so I always check the ingredients to see if there are any active agents that will cause a breakout!
* It's recommended to use fragrance-free cleansers and products as your skin is sensitive and the fragrance additives can cause the adverse reactions!

Oily Skin- This skin type is highly likely to be  more acne-prone.
*Try to stay away from heavy creams as it can cause too much moisture. So it's great to use gel cleansers that won't add extra moisture.
Also I suggest you to avoid alcohol and certain cleansers that can dry out your skin too much.  Witch hazel works miracles as well!!
Also skin moisturizers with grapeseed oil is beneficial as well.

Dry Skin-This is my main skin type and with the winter weather it does not help with my current skin dryness.
*The main key to keeping your skin supple is to add moisture. Adding some type of moisturizer serum is helpful as well as you want to try to lock in the moisture.

Combo: This is where your skin can have a combo of types on your face. A very common misconception is that you can't mix moisturizers but according to dermatologists it's quite okay to mix it. So it's best to target certain areas with different types!

Last but not least it is recommended to use a great Sunscreen to protect all of that hardwork you put into your skin. Choose a sunscreen formula that agrees with your skin type as well!!

Okay beauties I hope all of this info has been helpful and will help you have a firm foundation to build your makeup regimine on!!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen BeattyπŸ’•πŸ’•

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