Thursday, April 5, 2018


This week I tried something new it's  called a rowing machine! 🚣🚣 I felt like I was in the @olympics or something!!😂  
But my trainer recommended that I mix it up with cardio! 
But I just started using it and it feels so natural and easy to get in the zone and keep pushing 

Rowing is great on the stomach which is perfect in that it won't upset my internally and it's actually my core that I have been targeting. I am actually engaging my core with every stroke and for of the machine and I saw results right away! 
Also check out this link from LiveStrong for more benefits of using a rowing machine(

Also if you are looking for some kickass workout 🎶🎶 tunes I have included my top 5 songs from this week below!

Top 5 for the week:

1.Schoolin' Life by  Beyonce
2.Love Lies by Khalid
3.Selfish by Future & Rihanna
4. It's a Vibe by Jhene Aiko
5. W.A.Y.S by by Jhene Aiko

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty 💕💕

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