Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Current Shopping Cart... full of Shoes

Today on the blog I am sharing several of my most recent shoe purchases. This is for Tuesday Shoesday and ending up finding crazy good deals! 
Like $4 pair of sandals for the beach from Nordstrom!! Yess you heard me right!! I got them from Nordy Rack online and had to get them! I personally am all about a deal!!!
The sandals I purchased are here:

Also I purchased a pair of Nike Sneakers!! These are the bees knees... just kidding but they are bright and pink which is exactly my style!!

These shoes are perfect to snazz up any athletic outfit! They were on sale for $64 but wait I had a $20 note so "technically" they were only $44....! Thats what I told Michael my know a girls gotta get a deal!! 

Next Stop... Target!! 
Target right now is having a 20% off sale on their clearance... use code SAVE20 for 20% off! You don't have to tell me twice!! 

purchased a brown pair for under $7 with free shipping as long as you set it up for pickup in the store! 

Also a yellow/tan pair which is great with white pants! 

Lastly there have been some shoes I have been eyeing for the past 2 months I have in the cart that I didn't buy but will be buying once there is another sale at Target! They look like Chloe dupes! For under $40! Seriously!! Im debating about doing a full blogpost on great dupes as I am focused on high low fashion sometimes you have to splurge in the accessories department as its well worth it in the long run!

Chloe's newest espandrill actually has a strap and a sort of wave on the strap which is really smart in regards to the brand as this are key spring/summer essential shoes!

The Target dupes are below and are a comfortable pair of Espandrille! Sometime soon i'll be purchasing these...

Also getting these black pumps for a night out and only $22 from ShoeDazzlle are a great deal as well! 

If you are not a part of shoedazzle you gotta join if you are looking for a deal!!

Lastly I purchased a new pair of slides from Adidas but...

.....I have been completely crushing on these LV slides from GirlForceXo these are fire!!! I have these on my list for a purchase before the summer gets here! They are under $100 and come in brown and white LV.... also they have Gucci slides like this too! So best believe they are fierce!!

Well l hope y'all loved my post and comment below your favorite shoes from the list above!
Hope y'all have a great #humpday as well!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty


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