Thursday, June 21, 2018

#Training Thursday.... Positive Benefits of Drinking Water

For today's post I am highlighting the positive effects of drinking water! The reason I am highlighting water is because it actually has been something that has come up for me in my fitness journey!
Everyone knows and hears the saying that if you want clearer skin you should drink water as it will clear out your body! But overall the positive effects of drinking water has more benefit than just increasing your physical beauty!

The 2 big questions I always used as an excuse when I didn't drink enough water was...

How much water should I drink?
I always see those buff athletes walking around with a gallon of water and realized that was not for me! I could barely pick up a gallon of water let alone drink a gallon of water!!! 

The most popular answer is to drink 64 oz or half a gallon a day! That 8*8 Rule!

Which seems like a lot!  I've also heard that you should drink 70% of your body weight in oz! So if someone weighs 110 pounds then they would consume 77oz of water! 
By calculating it based on your body weight it's more tailored to you!
I have been drinking water more as I am intentionally trying to slim down my body in certain areas and also wanted to have healthier skin and overall better health!
You can also use a app to track your water intake like a game to keep up with your water consumption as well! 

Most popular statement and question is I HATE the TASTE of WATER!!

Which is a super valid point! I always thought water was too plain but then I realized that not all water taste the same!! 
So I definitely urge you to try out new flavors of waters to see what's easy for you to drink! I personally like water to be tasteless and not have certain minerals that are distinctively different! Something easy to chug!! 

I personally like Fiji Water and Nestle Pure Water! Nestle is my overall favorite as it's super budget friendly for my area and I drank it as a kid at track meets and in the summer
While I drink Fiji second most! 

Check out this post for the most popular bottled water and a taste test!

Sharing my top 5 tips to Increase your water intake!

1. Drink your favorite water and have access to it! Bring a 12 pack to work or even in your car! The easier and more convenient the better!
2. Research the positive health benefits for your fitness and health goals of drinking more water! Example if you have high blood pressure then drinking more water and decreasing your sodium will be a win-win!

3. Purchase a gorgeous water bottle that fits your style and will increase your water intake! It's seriously all in the little things to increase the water intake!
The one above actually has rose quartz! This is a good crystal for love and practicing overall self love! Its a splurge at $100 but worth it!! Click here to check it out as well!
4. Track your water progress and stay motivated! You will notice the results of even weight loss after a couple of days of rehydrating and refueling your body with water!
5. If you absolutely hate the taste of water add a sugar free additive to the water so that you increase your water intake! Consume any flavor that you like just keep in mind you don't want it to be too sugary!

Also I am sharing these Crazy Statistics from the CDC concerning water intake in regards to demographics across the U.S! 
The stats are eye opening regards to the demographics with the lowest intake and I feel like there needs to be more awareness and access to the knowledge so that the younger generation can actively increase the intake! 
The overall benefit to drinking more water is staggering!

CDC Stats:
This was interesting considering that your socioeconomic status apparently plays a role in the water intake you have!

Among U.S. youth, plain water intake is lower in younger children, non-Hispanic black, Mexican-American.
Among U.S. adults, plain water intake is lower in older adults, lower-income adults, and those with lower education.
U.S. adolescents who drink less water tended to drink less milk, eat less fruits and vegetables, drink more sugar-sweetened beverages, eat more fast food, and get less physical activity.

It's sooo important that we actively educate and encourage the consumption of water in our youth and really everyone in general!

Well overall I hope y'all loved my Post on increasing your water intake!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty 💕💕💕


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