Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wedding Wednesday Pt dos

Today on the blog sharing my Wedding Wednesday Part 2.
Today deals with INSPIRATION!!

Where and how and what I was inspired about for my Wedding! Basically the overall theme of the wedding. 
I personally have found inspiration from magazines and Pinterest and even movies! The theme is soo important for the overall aesthetic of the wedding. I personally wasn't sure of what kind of theme works for me and Michaels very exciting and very unexpected love story! Happily Ever After.. Take 2!!! We are actually getting married for the second time. We originally were married in May 2013 which feels like ages ago and we have really grown and matured since then really all for the better!

As everyone’s love story is unique to them, it can be hard to come up with a theme that’s uniquely yours. I personally was at a standstill as I didn’t want to have a similar a wedding as before as I want this wedding to stand the test of time and be so uniquely us! 
 So our theme is based on a happily ever after theme mixed with a garden party theme!

The photos below are a great peek into some of my favorite styles!! 
Also, this is not sponsored as a key way to plan the theme was with the help of The Knot’s Weddings Planning App & Pinterest!  

For all a great look inside my, Pinterest click here!
Thank y’all so much for stopping by and checking out my post on planning my wedding!
Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty💕💕

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