Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#WeddingWednesday Part 1

Hey yall, I'm sharing my journey to the altar and tips and tricks you can learn to save money on the wedding and an overall journal style journey of my wedding prep!
So glad you are here to check out my whole wedding journey!

Week 1- Bodyshape Does Matter!!

(Concerning the photo above:This I repeat is not my dress for the big day but from the modeling shoot I wore earlier this year! Just want to repeat that as I'm a wee bit superstitious! Just so yall know!!)

This week has been soo crazy! I had the biggest and hardest realization this week as I have went wedding dress shopping! And quite unexpectedly the dress I have been pining over and quite literally pinning all over Pinterest lol does not fit me & my body type!

I was lucky enough to model with Balacia Bridal custom dresses this year and see that the wedding dress that works for me was not be the dress that I originally envisioned.

I never thought I would be the one to add on a couple of love pounds and it's quite interesting to see how all of it has changed me and my views and really opened me up to accepting my whole self. I will discuss more about that later in a later post when I have the time to really go deep.

Anywho back to the dress shopping, so I had planned on buying a sheath dress as I want to go BoHo Chic for the wedding

but as I have an hourglass figure the sheath dress style did nothing for my figure as my lovely bridal consultant explained! Lol in honestly the nicest way and no doubt still to me completely unexpected way!

So what do I do with this new information?!

First- Pick up my jaw off of the ground &(Its okay if you cry or grieve over the lost dress and vision you had of YOU wearing THAT dress! Do whatever feels right to get over the disappointment)
Second, I go back to the drawing board(ie.Pinterest) and see if I can re-vamp and change up that illusive Perfect Dress I have envisioned!!
Lastly- Get to work with researching and finding a dress that matches and highlights my current body shape. Mermaid/Trumpet Dresses as well as A-Line/Ballgowns are a great fit for my body shape.
As I don't want to do a big formal occasion I decided to steer clear of the big ballgown look of a dress so that left me with the other option!

And boy oh boy did I find that dress!! I looked through Pinterest and have included below as a guide an infographic that shows which dress style will highlight your body type.

This image is from Pinterest! All rights belong to the original Pinterest owner.

So after realizing that my butt was way too big for the dream dress I was able to see that its OKAY!! And that the perfect dress for me is not necessarily the ideal dress that I expect but one that fits!!

So I encourage brides to stay open minded on the dress journey and not get offended or hurt if a certain dress doesn't work! Keep on pushing and believing that YOU are beautiful just the way you are.

Be sure to come back next week for the second Part of my Wedding Series as I race down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty πŸ’•πŸ’•

-Photo Credit for Balacia Shoot-Photos by MaddieB


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