Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wedding Wednesday part.4

Hey yall this week Im focusing on picking a venue and any tips to keep in mind for all budget friendly brides!! There are so many venues that you can pick and with just a little creativity you can definitely find a budget friendly venue! Read below for my personal choice of venue and scroll below for other venue ideas & tips as well!!

For me personally I have always been a BIG romantic! And I always thought it would be romantic to get married... under a TREE!!! I think there is something soooooo magical about getting married under a tree and being surrounded by all of your close friends and loved ones!  So the plan is come rain or snow the wedding is supposed to happen outside!  I have a possible back up plan of a tent but besides that the plan is for the ceremony to take place under a Large tree!  Check out these photos from Pinterest showing all of the wedding inspo for my ceremony!! Also as an extra bonus my inspo is the marriage scene from the Twilight Movie!!

 Soo pretty under a large White Oak Tree!!

Possible Venue Ideas for the Budget Friendly Bride

(Seriously one of my favorite pictures!!! This picture is gasp worthy!!!)


In my hometown we have a river that runs throughout town and I had thought about this as an option... except for the water is BROWN!!  LOL if you have a beautiful river or lake near you this may be a good location!


-(This is by far the most popular option and if you are a religious person, your church family usually offers a discount as a church member to rent out the location for the ceremony. I have also seen that there is an ability to use the local rooms in the church which could be a great reception location.

Botanical Garden/ Butterfly Sanctuary

-Botanical Garden(Play on this can be a picturesque location with a garden and ask the owners if its alright a ceremony for a small fee & pickup the trash!

-Also as a bonus you could maybe check see if your  first date location is available! Where you first met! & even one of your Family member's Backyard or Property. When you are original you will most def save money!! $$$$

Well hope yall love the post this has been so fun to share my experience with yall!

Til next time,
Peace  & Love,
Karen Beatty

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