Monday, November 19, 2018

#New go To Foundation under $10

#NEW go-To Foundation

Today on the blog sharing my current go-to Foundation! The Dewy & Smooth foundation from Maybelline!!  Click here to shop!  Its actually under $10 and is seriously a great deal compared to my other 2 favs- Dior Star Foundation and the Estee Lauder full coverage foundation. 

I actually like to mix my foundations as the Estee Lauder is a shade or 2 lighter and great for coverage under my eyes and is perfect when my skin-tone is lighter in color during the winter months! While the color Mocha from the Maybelline Dewy & Smooth edition. While the other full coverage option is great when I am in a hurry and not able to color correct certain areas of my face! 
Currently loving the Dewy & Smooth.....

The Dewy & Smooth version is great as I always like my skin to look hydrated and dewy! When I was younger that was always one of my goals, look bright and dewy like Kerry Washington's skin always looks!

She always looks so fresh and bright and beautiful! I realize now that I am more experienced as well that she used more blushes and coral colors which play up to her skin and add a quite classy rosy glow! So yess I realize now that I have a girl-crush on Kerry Washington and her makeup! I have been a fan of hers before Scandal and she was a young actress on Saving the Last Dance. like 2001 far back lol! 

Anywho I digress if you are looking for a great and quality &&&& low cost the Maybelline Dewy & Smooth is a great foundation to try!!

Thanks for stopping by and comment below if you have any other foundation reccomendations !! Im seriously all about trying new quality foundations! 

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

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