Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My Top 5 Crushworthy Winter Picks

Hey yall!! Its been a long week! Since I was soo sick last week it has been tough to get back in the groove! But yall im back and betta than eva! I feel like that time off has caused me to have pent up creativity and somewhat a case of writers block! Which yall is an interesting combination! But without further ado I'm jumping into todays post as it is about 5 things Ive been Crushing on &&& been inspired by!

Photo from Pinterest by @Asos_Syana
1. Teddy Bear Jackets

These are soo cute and remind me of teddy bears! Seriously soo cozy & casual & cute! They look good with blue jeans and sneakers!
To shop this cozy jacket check out this look from Shein here!!

2. Deep Berry Lipstick

This color i have seen quite a bit on several women in this winter season and yall this is a look!!
*Photo from Instagram and Kahlana's most recent post! To follow her click here!

I saw Kahlana Barfield serve a look with it this week and yall Im loving it!
Also RiRi && Kelly Rowland have rocked it!
 Im gonna try it out. One of my New Years Resolutions is to take more risks!!

*All photos are courtesy of Pinterest!

3. Tory Burch GOLD Shoulder Bag
This purse I saw it and its a classic! The color is the perfect touch of understated glitz with this pretty gold color &  would add color to an ALL white ensemble might I add!!
To shop this purse click here!

Which brings me to the next look!

4. All white/ cream looks
I don't know if its me but i think its something about an all white cozy winter look that seems so sexy and adventurous!
Like its so daring to step out in all white when you have so many things that can go wrong, dirt, ketchup....Red Wine beware!

Haha but these looks below are some of my favorite pins from Pinterest and show the badassery!!

5. Leopard Jacket
Last look and one of the most fyahh!!
A classic leopard jacket with an all black ensemble underneath or jeans is very classy chic!
Ive been searching all over for a jacket similar to the jacket from Pinterest but I havent found the EXACT one! But its okay! Thats why i like fashion so much though because even though I can't get the same jacket the fact that I'm inspired by it I can make it my own! Thats the amazing power of fashion & inspiration!

Which of the 5 above is your fav??? Comment below as well if you have any new trends or styles you are loving!!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez 💕💕💕


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