Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 in Review

  • 2019 in Review

Wow it's so crazy how fast this year flew by!
Today on the blog I am sharing some key lessons I have learned this year!! Last week was my birthday on the 27th, two days after Christmas πŸŽ„ & yes I'm a Cap!
So for me, I take my birthday seriously up until the day is the birthday lol
But it made me take a moment to stop and pause and rewind the year and think about the lessons I have learned.
So I personally find that I can be a very private person and it's pretty ironic when I think about the fact that I am a fashion blogger!
But it's always been a apart of me and I find that I need the balance in order to flourish which ties in with one of the lessons I learned this year.

1. Keep BIG ideas Private

So this year I have had several big projects that I have been secretly working on that are pretty big gamer changer for me and I decided to intentionally keep it private from everyone in my life except my small inner circle of 3-4. For me, there is something special about working hard on a project and not letting any negativity in the early stages of it so that I can fully dive in!
Everyone is different with how they like to the pre-stage of any business idea and I highly encourage you to protect that idea or dream and only let those who fully know you into the idea.  There really is no type of regret like the one of forgotten and shot down dreams because of the first person's disapproval!

2. Understanding my Stress Style and Working with it!

For me personally, I experienced more stress this year than I have since graduated from college.
There were so many fundamental changes that I experienced this year that I am genuinely grateful and proud to say I MADE IT!!
But what was seriously so fundamentally important for me this year was understanding how I cope with stress and not work against it.
When I am stressed or working towards a goal it's as if I am holding my breath! And I'm clenching my fists "as if I am already grasping my goal". ( At least that's what I tell myself)
But when I am holding my breath and tense in my body I am not able to fully experience life and the daily routines. Instead of trying to work against it I decided to work with it. I have intentionally set up workout reminders and Intentionally took on the practice of MEDITATION!!
I know everyone says meditation is key but for me and my spiritual practice and overall well-being, Breath Work is essential.
It's like stepping into a solitary oasis of clarity and intention. I have found answers to solutions, clarity for misrepresented emotions and access to unconscious roadblocks!!

3. Meditation was Key!!

Y'all meditation has been the BIGGEST LESSON I learned this year and it's my goal to do the practice on the daily and not when I'm under stress!

4. Embrace my Emotions and Not Run from them but to accept them!

So this was a big one for me this year! Paying attention and being aware of my emotions was a lesson I felt more strongly this year! I had several difficult emotions I was dealing with in the beginning of the year that I didn't think I would experience. For example at the beginning of the year I traveled to my dream place: Paris! I have always dreamed of traveling to Paris and looking at the Eiffel Tower! To me that location was the epitome of success in an unconscious way. I literally had a screensaver on my iPad and phone for years of the Carousel next to the Eiffel Tower!

So when I returned from the trip I remember how happy I was but how jarring it was to be the next day just driving on 635 in Dallas like I wasn't a whole world away 24 hours prior!
It was crazy and for some reason, I had a reaction of sadness and missing that wonderful feeling of being oceans away than of gratitude!
Looking back now I realize I wish I had automatically gone to gratitude instead of sadness because that would have helped me cope better. But the lesson I found was instead of me trying to avoid the sadness I should have just leaned into it and released and felt the emotion so that I could go to the next phase of gratitude!
Life is seriously a journey and I have no regrets but was a great lesson learned. It made me dive deep and research why my emotions were so different than expected and how to cope with it! It was a totally normal reaction apparently and also had to do with my jet lag who knew!!
Which brings the last point home...

5. Staying Present & Having Gratitude

For me practicing gratitude for each stage of my life and not looking forward to the next and the next but look at the present.
By taking a moment and really living in the moment and being grateful for being there in that moment allows me to fully understand that moment. I know that's a lot but for me I realize that every different phase I had this year had so many pros and so many cons to each phase. But what I realized was in each phase when I was present and actively doing my best and focusing on the positive the negative was less frustrating. Were the negatives still negative? HELL yes,
Did I need to make a change? YES, but not in that moment! That pause and understanding the moments have me the ability to see the big perspective and understand it all..
This lesson was huge to my self-growth and MASSIVE for my career growth!!
The crazy thing is my theme for the year was GROWTH and man oh man so much growth happened this year.
I was recently listening to Oprah's Podcast and she was talking about how her word of the year was the strength I believe. And when she had that as her word of the year she ended up encountering different difficult lessons on how she HAD to find inner strength and be strong!
I feel the same as Growth was my goal and I can tell that I had nothing to do but grow based on my circumstances!
From changing career fields and working alone to joining a team and then finally pivoting back to working alone and pursuing my dream of becoming a Texas Realtor and passing my exam in one try! Yall I seriously can not believe how the year went!
I say all of this to say that you have to trust your intuition all the way thru and understand that we are all divinely guided to walk our OWN path! No one else will walk in your shoes and there is so much beauty in knowing that. Once I stopped comparing my lane to others I was really able to intentionally enjoy my own journey!

All of it was so necessary for me to go after a career of my dreams! I'm grateful for the lessons and soo excited for the next year ahead!! Stay tuned as I'll be sharing the New Goals of my 20/20 Vision!! See what I did there!
I encourage you to take time to review the past year you've had and what lessons you've learned!
Also if you have any advice please share below as lessons learned are seriously the best lessons taught!

Peace and Love to you!
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Black Friday Sales & Deals

Hey yall so excited to share some of the great deals for today! I personally have been a fan of Black Friday shopping as I worked retail for 5 years through high school and in college. So there is something about that BUZZ OF FINDING A DEAL TODAY... that always gets me soo excited!
Seriously brings back so many memories! BUT if you are not about the craziness of all of the stores I have included some sitewide Black Friday Deals and the majority of the deals are going through CYBER MONDAY!! I have included several links and coupon codes so that it can be a great one-stop shop for you!

So grab a cup of tea and keep scrolling for the deals!! 


Forever21- 30%% OFF EVERYTHING on the site BLKFRI30
FashionNova- 50% off everything FN50 (This is a great sale to check out! Its perfect for the holiday parties coming up in December! A sparkly romper and a gorgeous dress for the office Christmas party! This is a sale to check out!)
Shein- Currently a sale of up to 70% off and also there is a 
10% off $59, 15% off  $99, 20% off $199

Currently Originally $68 on sale for $34 @Francesecas

- Buy 1 get the second 70% off!! no code needed- This store usually has a combo BOGO sale but with the percentage to 70% its a deal!! Boots & Home Sale is 50% off right now too!

Anthroplogie- 30% off everything! This is a big deal as there usually is not a % sales going on year-round! I personally love going into this store for the home decor and candles!! They smell soo good!!  
Aura Armchair Orig $1298

Also, I found this seriously fabulous armchair with the pretty prints! Its a perfect statement maker for the boho living room of my dreams! 

For all of the Anthro sale items click here!

Another Home Decor Addition I've been obsessed with!!

Urban Outfitters- Buy 1 get one 50% off sitewide
LuLus- Take 25-90% off everything-sitewide use code FRIDAY25 Also they are doing Flash Sales right now so it has great deals for a limited amount of items! 
Currently $7.50

Also if you are looking for some bomb earrings and accessories they have some fabulous finds!
VictoriasSecret: currently offering 40% off all bras and also other great deals. Also offering a coupon for later use after the holidays. BUY ONE GET ONE use code BUY1GET1
Currently $1 Cozy Socks at Old Navy use code COZY

Old Navy- currently 50% off everything sitewide! Also for all of the $1 Socks click here!  Also this is the link  here to other colors! (11/27-11/29,& 12/1-12-2)

Banana Republic: 50% off the entire website! This is a great time to purchase a high quality jacket that will be useful for years to come! Faux Fur Bombers are on sale for $69 right now as well!
Ann Taylor Loft:50% off the entire website!  Use code INDULGE
This is great for business casual outfits for work! They are usually great quality pieces to layer for a polished look!

JcPenney- We picked up some sheets and a luggage set! WE need the luggage as we jet-set across Europe next year! They have some great buys! Also I have to mention I am biased as I worked at JCPenney during my retail years!!! 
Sephora inside JCP is having great deals as well!!* 
There are several eyeshadow palettes on sale right now!!

This one is only $16! Click here to shop! And also this Tarte WinterWonderland one at $212 value on sale for $32.50 with eyeliner &mascara! 
Nordstrom- Selected items are on sale right now! But MAKE SURE you check out the Nordstrom Rack Sale. Currently 50% off the current red line prices!
Macys- Check link for full deals and details!!!
These Tory's come in Navy & Ruby Red! 

Neiman Marcus- Get 50$ off of $200 use code THANKFUL 
Tory Burch-30% off orders of $250 and over!  use code THANKS
Nordstrom Rack- Repeat its 50% off all of the clearance pricing! Also, they have a great buy and spend combo going on, Spend $100 get $20, Spend $150 get $30, Spend $250 get $75! (Redeem in the store from 1/17-3/15)
Shopbop- Currently 15% off $200, 20% off $500 and 25% off $800- use code MORE19

@Target Electric Toothbrush $40
Target- Currently having a great sale and lots of deals just based on Black Friday sale.  Soo many good deals going on right now as well! Single Keurig Coffeemaker  && the magical iRobot remote Vaccum cleaners
Dillards- 50% off Red-lined items!


Clinique- Currently offering 25% off on the site & a free full-size item on purchases over $75- use code 25OFF 
Sephora- Currently offering $15 & under packages which are great for holiday gifts!! 
TooFaced- 30% off SiteWide right now! use code PINK30
Ulta- lots of great sales and special deals for under $20! Click here for the BeautyBuys!
Urban Decay- 25% off and free shipping LETSCYBER this is good as there are several palettes on the website on sale.

Fenty Beauty- &  bonus 4 piece free with a $50 purcahse!
Morrocan Spice Eyeshadow Palette on sale for $29! Yall that is a deal to grab!

Home & Decor
Bath & Body Works: Buy 3 get 3 free! I was hoping for a sale on the 3 wick candles but there wasnt at this time. 
The 3 Wick Candles are my top purchases so its a really good time to stock up! Fav candles are Bergamot Waters && Cactus Blossom!

Bed Bath & Beyond: They have some great deals for the home electronics and I was loving the deals on the weighted blankets at 30% off! 
At Home: They have some deals for the holidays to check out! Today we plan on purchasing out Christmas Tree and decorating for the holidays so its a great idea to check out! 

Electronics & Other Things!!
Ipad Mini is on Sale for $329(Gold, Silver & Space Gray)

Amazon-Click here for full Black Friday deals( electronics, books and everything is on sale!! 
Bestbuy- This was a sale I went into on Thanksgiving as I was looking for possible deals for Christmas-headphones and TVs! For full Black Friday deals check here!  The doorbusters are key for deals! 
Wal-Mart- This is the store you think of when you think of crazy Black Friday fights and feuds lol! For full Black Friday options click here

Thank you for checking out this fun post!

Til next time, 
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Monday, November 25, 2019



Who says you can't rock Python with Velvet??
Y'all this has been my favorite look this month!
I got these killer boots from Shoe Dazzle last month and I was waiting for the perfect moment to bring them out! 

And I am so glad I did! If you are looking for a possible outfit for a Christmas party next month this should work for you and you won't have to break the bank!!!

To shop for these cute boots click here!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the Python & Velvet look!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

#Sponsored Post Burt's Bess X KarenLeisha Collab

#Burt's Bees X KarenLeisha

Hey yall today on the blog sharing my FAVORITE HANDS down the best makeup essential! I was so honored to do this collab as I have been using Burt's Bees as apart of my makeup routine before I even add any lipgloss or lipstick! Burt's Bees natural ingredients and that special peppermint tingle to help keep my lips naturally soft!
Besides the natural ingredients, there are new colorful options available that I have been loving!

Speaking of color.....
Reflecting on my culture and thinking about my childhood, expressing myself through color has always been important to me! Color just adds so much more variety, contrast, and beauty to our lives — which is why I've always loved the uniqueness of flowers growing up. I started doing makeup when I was in high school, being inspired by watching those around me who were able to implement pops of floral color into their looks. I've been using @BurtsBees since high school, but recently I've been using their Lip Shimmers to that add vibrant color and luminescent shimmer to my look. Plus, there is an oh so cool Peppermint tingle! 

Here I'm featuring the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon, reminiscent of beautiful floral shades.

To shop Lip Shimmers click here!
This post is sponsored by Burt's Bees but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Thank yall for checking out my favorite makeup essential!
til next time,
Peace & Love
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Favorite Leopard Pieces

Fav Leopard Pieces winter edition! 

Hey y’all today on the blog sharing my favorite leopard pieces! Winter edition!
I am rocking one of my favorite thrift-store finds from last winter!

This jacket was the BOMB.com

 1. Leopard Shearling Slides- UGG

These are soooo comfy y’all!!
I feel like I would only wear them around the house because I wouldn’t want to mess them up!

But this UGG style is brand new and I would encourage you to purchase these before everyone else! These are so on trend!!

Click here to shop these slides!

2. Christian Louboutin Leopard & Crystal Handbag

This handbag is crystal and Leopard!! Seriously sooo gorgeous! Its a huge splurge but seriously the best eye candy
To check out this gorgeous beaut click here

3. Leopard Dress

This dress is so cute with the almost turtleneck and the rouching! Which is so flattering and would pair well with knee high boots and a cute leather jacket! Now its work appropriate! This dress is under $30 so its a great bargain!
To shop this dress click here!

4. Animal Printed Zippered Booties

These boots right here! I have been drooling over these for the past month!
They are from Shoe Dazzle and are currently on sale for $20 yess you read right!!
These booties are so versatile as they are leopard and also zebra!!

To shop these booties click here!

5. Faux Fur Jacket

This jacket is so hot!!
The faux fur and the leather style of it is sooo edgy and I could see myself rocking this jacket in New York with sky high heels and a mini dress or even add white jeans and combat boots!
This overall will edge up any outfit!

To shop this jacket click here!

Yall its totally possible to rock LEOPARD all YEAR Long!
For more Leopard inspired pieces click below!

Thank yall for checking out my post! Seriously soo fun to make!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

#TrendyTuesday October edition

#TrendyTuesdayOct. edition

1. Turtleneck Dress

This gorgeous turtleneck dress!
This dress is so perfect paired with gorgeous tall OTK-Over the knee boots and a gorgeous sweater!!
Y'all I am obsessed with this sweater dress, the grey color is cute but the olive green color takes it up a notch!

Seriously soo obsessed!
To shop this look it's only $75 
I plan on making a copycat look as week as a bright fashionista it's completely possible to look chic without the price! 
So stay tuned for that post later this month

#2 Cozy Chic Free People Sweater

 This cozy sweater is comfy chic to the upmost!!
Tucked into a pair of cute high waist jeans and even paired with Converse makes it a perfect Fall look!
Comfy chic y'all!
To shop this Free People Sweater Click here

#3 Statement-Making Jacket!

. This jacket is giving me huge BeyoncΓ© vibes! Like Beychella I can make any casual look sooo glam with this jacket!
This jacket will be a great staple item for years to come!!

4. Clear Heels

If you don't know! Now you know these clear heels are on trend and seriously go with EVERYTHANG!!
Kim K is rocking them with biker shorts 

and a cute fall look!
Photos courtesy of Pinterest

I have just ordered these babes from Shoe Dazzle as they are a good deal since I have a subscription!
To shop them click here!

#5 White Combat Booties??

-At first glance I wasn't sure if they were my style but they are so comfortable and also versatile!

I wore it with a cute leopard dress and it still looked good! It would go well with black denim and a leather jacket πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

To shop these boots click here!- 

Thanks yall for checking out my current favorite trends! 
til next time,
Peace & Love

Karen  Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•πŸ’•

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