Monday, January 28, 2019


Top 5 Makeup Essentials of 2018

Hey yall today on the blog I am sharing my TOP TOP TOP used beauty products of 2018!

This has been a highly requested blogpost and believe me its a great post! So grab some popcorn and kick up your feet for this quick read! As it is short and sweet and issa great read for anyone needing beauty recommendations!!

#1 Keihls 

Yall I know thats a heavy accolade but this cream did it for me! I was personally SUPER hesitant to try a new face cream! BUT the beauty girl at Nordstrom told me I HAD TO try it! this was a huge lifesaver for me as I have very sensitive and dry skin! I ALWAYS apply it before I do my makeup as I like for my skin to be hydrated and have a dewy look and feel!
To shop this Facial Cream click here.

#2 Tie breaker for Best Primer

These primers were great for different reasons! The Fenty Primer was good for me in the summer and the first half of the year as it is very lightweight and went well with my makeup.  While the Laura Mercier is PERFECTION for a lumunious dewy like look! I always pair the primer after I have used my moisturizer the reason being  I have dry/sensitive skin. Since my skin is dry and sensitive and not necessarily oily I have to make sure it stays as nourished as possible or I break out from a lack of moisture(Which I actually did not know til this year).

To shop the Fenty Primer click here
To shop the Laura Mercier click here.

#3 Favorite Foundation Brush( FLAT TOP

This brush option is actually one of the last purchases I made in December and I wish I purchased it much sooner! I personally have been using a Kabuki Brush from the Sonia K collection at Target since I was in college as it make my makeup look flawless! But this new brush does a wonderful job and the bristles feel so soft you wouldn't believe me I told you I purchased it from Target!!
Yass queen to purchase this brush click here to shop!

#4 Favorite Foundation
This foundation is my favorite for the year as it is low cost and has a dewy finish! As I fee like it looks more natural and I am not a major fan of the matte look! It is available at many drug stores and local Target's & Wal-Mart's
For my other chocolate girls for a reference I wear 360 in "Mocha"! 
To shop this foundation click here!
Also for my FULL Blogpost on this foundation click here!

#5 Favorite Makeup Palette for my Skin Tone

This Palette is A MUST HAVE for me! The reason being as I have dark skin it ca be hard to find the correct color and hues that will allow me to highlight and contour as needed! This palette is not a bad price either. It is also an amazing color corrector. 
Currently it is on sale for under $10 to shop click here

*Bonus* Favorite HairGel

This Hick'sEdges is the best Edge Control out there yall! I had to see it to believe it! It cost about $15 and is sooo worth it! So anyone who is new to the slayed edges routine this product will be a major gamechanger for you!!
To shop this Edge Control click here

Hope yall enjoyed today's post!
Comment below if you have ever used any of these products!

To shop this look:

til next time,
peace & love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez  

Friday, January 25, 2019

Fashion Forward Friday- Fyahh Sunglasses

Fyahh Sunglasses

Hey yall sharing this too cool look on the blog today!
I had so much fun styling this look! As soon as I put on these sunnies I knew I had to pose by sunset and this look just came alive!!

These sunglasses are actually from MVMT as they were about of my previous collab!  To shop these sunnies click here!
The reason I love them is because they are high quality and the Gold Mirror look is definetely on trend! They are also on sale for $75 which is an amazing price with them being polarized! 

While the jacket is from a look that I wore last Fall it is super versatile! 
I hope all of you boss babes have an amazing weekend!

To shop this look:

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

#TrendyTuesday January Edition

Hey yall for todays post sharing my Favorite trends Im completely crushing on! These trends are the key ones I have seen this month on Pinterest and Instagram! They are the ones that I feel like are trends to stay as well as statement makers that will jazz up your outfit! 

1. Burgundy Baby!!

I feel like the burgundy hue is soo perfect for winter. This color is soo classy and I already imagine the burgundy lips, burgundy shoes and burgundy jackets are soo perfect for this season. This hue is great to jazz up an a uni-color outfit! Thank me later! Full outfit for this look is coming up too yall! This vest is from Shein and goes with everthing!

  2. Snow Leopard Anything

I have been all about Leopard since the day I was born! I feel like I popped out of the womb ready to rock leopard... but I have a new obsession as of lately and that is SNOW LEOPARD! 
In my last edition of Trendy Tuesday I had leopard but Snow Leopard is a "new new" pattern! Snow leopard is a more muted version for the winter! I will be doing a full blogpost of this style coming up soon so seriously stay tuned!!

3. Python

These booties are actually on their way to me and I'm seriously soo obsessed! These booties are on sale for under $40 as ShoeDazzle was having a sale this past weekend with a BOGO!
These booties can be paired with an all black or even a cream sweater midi- dress.

4. Blue Eyeshadow 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

This look is perfected when it is paired with nude everything else! I personally have always stayed with the tried and true and this trend I am actually so excited to try!! 
Photo Courtesy of Pinterst-Sazan Beauty Blogger

To shop this look:

Hope yall enjoyed todays post about my current crush-worthy trends! These posts are so fun to share with yall as I love to share what is currently inspiring me!  I like to go from inspired to actually rocking the trends so its like yall are getting a sneak peak!
Let me know in the comments below which trend is your fav? I w

*Also thank you to the lovely and talented Maribel Morales for taking my photos! She is so talented and lucky to work with her on this blogpost!*

Til next time,
Peace & Love
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Monday, January 21, 2019

MLK DAY 2019

Happy MLK Day 2019

Every year I have felt called to write a blogpost about MLK Day. For me it hits home as a holiday that needs to be celebrated! I am a black woman and for me to be able to freely and creatively express myself my ancestors had to endure so much injustice! For me to receive  amazing education and the opportunities that I have my ancestors had to protest and believe that their sacrifices were worth it! 

Martin Luther King Jr. was an outspoken and dynamic speaker that urged people to see that the culture of his time was completely okay with the subpar treatment of African Americans. His I have a Dream Speech was spoken in D.C on 8/28/1963 to almost 250,000 people! 250,000 people heard his "I Have A Dream Speech" 
How hard did he have to work to get to that platform to deliver that speech??
How many days in jail did he acculumlate before he was able to deliver this speech?

There was so much fight in this amazing man that impacted millions of people! His speech was given 50 years ago but it is still relevant and impactful today!!
If that is not IMPACTFUL I don't know what is!
In honor of MLK Day I have shared 2 of my favorite quotes by Dr. King as they are a guiding light for me as I live and work day to day!!

1. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


2. Life's  most persistent and urgent question is What are you doing for others?

This question is so key for EVERYBODY! What are you doing today that can impact others for good?

Hope yall enjoyed todays post! It hits home for me and I encourage everyone to not be quiet about any injustices they may see around them as change has to HAS to start with you!!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Top 5 atHome Workout Videos

Top 5 Easy atHome Workouts

Hey yall! For todays post this is for anyone that is way tooo busy to get to the gym but still might have an extra 30 minutes for an at-home workout!

I personally find that I randomly have an extra 10-20 minutes in the morning or late at night that can seem wasted by scrolling on social media! But as my New Years Resolution revolves around running the Half Marathon I have been more observant of how I spend my time!

1. 7 Minute Abs

Yall this video above has been my most viewed video for my at home workouts! I personally like the idea that it is only 7 minutes long and is recommended to do it for 7 days straight! Honestly I usually get to Day 4 or 5 before I end up being too busy and messing up the roll and having to restart the entire workout! But my goal is to complete all 7 days! I personally see results within 2 to 3 days and if that is not encouragement enough I don't know what else could be! 

2. 10 Minute Full Body Workout by Brittne Babe
This workout will kick your butt!! Brittne is so knowedgeable and such a badass overall! This video is very motivating and allows you to schedule out the workout at what time works for you! 

3. BuffBunny At Home Workout
(Workout starts at 9:18)
This workout seemed so short in the video but when I did it! Girl it was kicking my butt!! I have been a fan of Buff Bunny for the past 2 years as she is so relatable and funny! While she is able to give great tips to running a business and eating healthy while living my busy life!

4. Quick Full Body At Home Workout by Whitney Simmons

This workout is a tough one! Its created by your girl Whitney Simmons! This video was made during her Whitmas Christmas sequence so its pretty current! 
Her videos will kick you into gear and really are impactful!

5.  Quick 2 Minute Booty Workout
Last video is another video by BrittneBabe. This workout is great for anyone wanting to target a specific area......πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This workout can be done quick and is effective for anyone trying to build up without spending an hour at the gym daily!

Hope yall enjoyed todays post! I enjoy sharing mini tips to allow fitness to be easier to attain! Especially since we live such busy lives it can be soo tough to fit in workouts but we have to make it a priority for our health and wellbeing to make it happen!

Shop this Post

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-MartinezπŸ’•

Tuesday, January 15, 2019



Hey yall today Im sharing my current favs from ShoeDazzle like we discussed from last week's post!! 

1. Fyahhhh Booties

Y'all these booties are soo pretty and I had to share! 

The gorgeous Magenta color struck me a BiG statement maker but what won me over was the rose gold and ombre black and gold color!! How can I choose!! Click here to shop! 

2. Classic Pumps w/Sparkle 

These are a classy pick for anyone wanting to add a little sparkle to an outfit! Imagine a night out with a little black dress! These are the perfect addition! Click here to shop!

3. Python Booties

Did somebody say Python!!
These are fyahh and will seriously spice up any outfit you pair them with!! Click here to shop!

4. Perfect Dressy Boot

These will go perfectly with any sweater dress you have in your closet! The heel adds the perfect touch of sexy not too much but just enough! Click here to shop!

5. Perfect Dupes 

These boots look like the $700 Stuart Weitzman pair and look just as gorg as those and priced less than 10% of the Stuart pair. Click here to shop!

6. Neutral & Versatile OTK Boots 

These boots are hands done my favorite boot purchase of 2018! They classed up every outfit and went with everything! 

I had to buy 2 pair as a necessary backup as I know they will be on trend for years to come! Click here to shop! 

7. Nude Booties Perfect for Spring

These booties I bought them as soon as I saw them! They are ready for the temperature to heat up as I can already see myself rocking these and a gorgeous floral dress! Seriously can it be spring yet?? Click here to shop! 

Y’all let me know below which one is your fav and you could see yourself rocking!!

* Also for full ShoeDazzle Collection click here as they have such fabulous finds!!

Til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Fitness Update

Hey yall today on the blog Im sharing my current workout routine and workout goals for the month of Feb && March!! 
I personally have always wanted to run a marathon since I was a little girl! Seeing those amazingly fit marathon women sprint past the finish line and look exhausted but so elegantly triumphant!!! Yas yas &&& Yasss!! 

But that will definitely not be me overnight whatsoever but a girl can dream and she can PLAN!!!  So being as realistic as I can be I have decided to run a 5k by Feb 10th!! Yall this is going down!!
So as I prep for it I have seen that mental resilience  and toughness has been of  the most importance!! And I have seen this benefit me tenfold in other areas of my life!! So i highly encourage anyone who us going through any work stress or changes to embrace some form of athletic activity that pushes you outside of your comfort zone!
Also without further ado sharing my fyahh playlist!

Current 5 Songs on My Workout Playlist πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
1. Level Up by Ciara 
2.Girls Run the World by Beyonce
3.Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
4. Best Life by Chance the Rapper && Cardi B
5. Soundclash by Flosstradamus

Thank yall for stopping by and reading about my fitness journey.
Til next time,
Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinez πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

##Tuesday Shoesday

#fav boots

Today on the blog sharing my FAVORITE boots!! Yall these are soo gorg and are seriously on sale for under $30! Yall heard me right they are on sale for under $30!! They are from the brand ShoeDazzle babes and I am sooo here for it!!
To shop this look click here to shop these trendy and quality boots!!

These boots I would say are definitely a stable piece that can be used in your wardrobe all winter long and will be trendy in the next season as well!! I will definitely be rocking these in other outfits! Also stay tuned for next weeks post as I will be sharing my favorite picks from ShoeDazzle!!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


Thursday, January 3, 2019


 There is something so special  to me about buying a new piece for my workout collection that gets me soo motivated to workout!  I feel like when I purchase a new pair of sneaks I just want to put them on and run like 100 miles immediately!! So that is what inspired me to write todays post! 

These workout essentials will help you kickstart the year with a BANG!!!

1. Workout Shoes

These beauties have got me sooo hype and ready to workout!!!
I have included several of my current crush worthy sneaks for your inspo below as well! Also for more inspiration I have included several items below!

2. New Hoodie&& Leggings

This is one of my favorite workout combos, its so gorg with the rose design.  This makes me wanna workout like yesterday lol! This outfit is also on CLEARANCE for under $10 a piece seriously!!
To shop the top click here. To shop the bottoms click here
In regards of importance I think new leggings are ideal compared to just a new top as you will definitely get better use out of the leggings! With this temperature the sweatshirt is helpful as well considering you can layer it over the full workout! There is not a requirement to purchase an entire new workout wardrobe as that is so expensive but just a few key pieces can make you motivated to get out and show off that new piece!!
This is one of my favorite workout combos, its so gorg with the rose design. 

3. Water Bottle

Yall this one may be surprising but water is sooo essential! And why not add in a beautiful water bottle that shows off your style and adds a little glitz to your life and your workout! I personally want to actively and intentionally drink more water! It has been a struggle for me as I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth and would prefer a Blue PowerAde but it is def an acquired taste. So a beautiful water bottle is a small purchase but it is a daily reminder to me to DRINK water! Who wants to have their bottle laying around all day when they could take it with them and add an instant stylish accessory to your outfit!!

4. Yoga Mat

I LOVE yoga mats! They are perfect for stretching! I am not very limber at all and so stretching is key for my workouts to be successful! For you if you don't practice yoga or pilates you can use the Yoga mat for stretching! Stretching is sooo important for any workouts you do as it warms up your body and completely decreases your chance of becoming injured!! *Also as a bonus it is an instant style accessory!*

How beautiful is this yoga mat? Does it look like its $450 its from the Prada line? 

Is this yoga splurgeworthy?

5. Headphones & a Killa Playlist

Yall this should probably be the number one on the list as I HAVE to have headphones and a killa workout to have a kickass workout!! I have done previous posts on some of my top workout songs and I will continue to do so as I go into the New Year as well! But it is so instrumental in regards to the success of my workout! Have you ever drove all the way to the gym only to see that you left your headphones..........#firstworldproblems!!! I kid but really they are so important! I actually buy several pair of headphones just in case that happens, I keep a pair in my purse and in my car!!

A bonus and one of the most important things you need is to have a MOTIVATED & FORGIVING MINDSET!!! There is only so much time in the day so please please pretty please me kind to yourself if you miss a day at the gym as you are on this fitness journey! I feel like its  so important to stress that you have to be kind to yourself!

Don't forget that you are amazing regardless of that number on the scale!!!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Brightly Soo...x Earthen Skincare Collab

Earthen Skincare Collab

Hey yall this post was fun to make as I have not posted about a collab in awhile. As I have set plans of the new year I want to incorporate more and more beauty products review as I feel like it is so much easier for makeup newbies and experts alike! I personally have VERY sensitive skin and dry at that. So I have a hard time finding products that are sensitive enough to get the job done while taking care of my skin and not causing a reaction! So without further ado I am going to go over this amazing product with yall.

I personally was a little hesitant as I have not tried a de-puffing agent for the eyes. When I wake up in the morning I naturally have puffy eyes ESPECIALLY if I am not sleeping properly. 

So I actually tried the depuffer after I had properly washed my face once I woke up as this is the best time for me to use it. So the color is actually not a clear color like I expected but more of a white/creamy base. 

Also the consistency was of a thicker and not a super lightweight formula which was good since I felt like it had some weight to it! I applied it to under my eyes as that is also the area where my eye bags are! I actually did not have ANY reaction to the formula which is a A+ in my book as most serums can be too concentrated and right away I turn red and that did not happen at all. 

Overall I didn't see a dramatic effect of the reduction of my bags within the first 5 minutes but throughout the day I could tell a difference as it actually made my face makeup and overall BEAT look bomb!

So I highly recommend this product to any of my sensitive skin sisters out there as it is a quality product and still not too harsh for my skin!!

To shop this Eye Cream #2 click here!
To shop the Vegan Cleanser click here!
Also they do have a product for dark circles click here to shop it as well!!
Let me know in the comments section below what you think!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez

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