Thursday, January 3, 2019


 There is something so special  to me about buying a new piece for my workout collection that gets me soo motivated to workout!  I feel like when I purchase a new pair of sneaks I just want to put them on and run like 100 miles immediately!! So that is what inspired me to write todays post! 

These workout essentials will help you kickstart the year with a BANG!!!

1. Workout Shoes

These beauties have got me sooo hype and ready to workout!!!
I have included several of my current crush worthy sneaks for your inspo below as well! Also for more inspiration I have included several items below!

2. New Hoodie&& Leggings

This is one of my favorite workout combos, its so gorg with the rose design.  This makes me wanna workout like yesterday lol! This outfit is also on CLEARANCE for under $10 a piece seriously!!
To shop the top click here. To shop the bottoms click here
In regards of importance I think new leggings are ideal compared to just a new top as you will definitely get better use out of the leggings! With this temperature the sweatshirt is helpful as well considering you can layer it over the full workout! There is not a requirement to purchase an entire new workout wardrobe as that is so expensive but just a few key pieces can make you motivated to get out and show off that new piece!!
This is one of my favorite workout combos, its so gorg with the rose design. 

3. Water Bottle

Yall this one may be surprising but water is sooo essential! And why not add in a beautiful water bottle that shows off your style and adds a little glitz to your life and your workout! I personally want to actively and intentionally drink more water! It has been a struggle for me as I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth and would prefer a Blue PowerAde but it is def an acquired taste. So a beautiful water bottle is a small purchase but it is a daily reminder to me to DRINK water! Who wants to have their bottle laying around all day when they could take it with them and add an instant stylish accessory to your outfit!!

4. Yoga Mat

I LOVE yoga mats! They are perfect for stretching! I am not very limber at all and so stretching is key for my workouts to be successful! For you if you don't practice yoga or pilates you can use the Yoga mat for stretching! Stretching is sooo important for any workouts you do as it warms up your body and completely decreases your chance of becoming injured!! *Also as a bonus it is an instant style accessory!*

How beautiful is this yoga mat? Does it look like its $450 its from the Prada line? 

Is this yoga splurgeworthy?

5. Headphones & a Killa Playlist

Yall this should probably be the number one on the list as I HAVE to have headphones and a killa workout to have a kickass workout!! I have done previous posts on some of my top workout songs and I will continue to do so as I go into the New Year as well! But it is so instrumental in regards to the success of my workout! Have you ever drove all the way to the gym only to see that you left your headphones..........#firstworldproblems!!! I kid but really they are so important! I actually buy several pair of headphones just in case that happens, I keep a pair in my purse and in my car!!

A bonus and one of the most important things you need is to have a MOTIVATED & FORGIVING MINDSET!!! There is only so much time in the day so please please pretty please me kind to yourself if you miss a day at the gym as you are on this fitness journey! I feel like its  so important to stress that you have to be kind to yourself!

Don't forget that you are amazing regardless of that number on the scale!!!

Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


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