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Hey yall! I know it has been awhile since I've posted! 11 days to be exact but I have just gotten back into the groove since I had my almost week long trip to Europe! I landed on the 13th night! I also realized that I was very jet-lagged after the flight and so I felt like it was so appropriate to share this post with yall.

So after landing I was soooooo tired! I was literally falling asleep in my Acting Improv class and my instructor asked me if I wanted to go home for the day because I was completely drifting off during a scene! NOT GOOD! So after the end of the class I drove straight home and rested but you know what they say 

"Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems obvious in hindsight." Judy Belmount

So in order for you not to have the same disastrous jet lag that I experienced I am going to give you 5 well researched tips that will decrease your jet lag symptoms when you return home from your trip. 

From MedicalNewsToday JetLag Article 

#1 Plan for Rest 
As soon as I landed back in Texas I had meetings and plans that I had to attend to and I wish I had planned to rest up once arriving instead of zipping to another event. I was not able to be fully present and I was so drained that I should have known to put my sleep as a priority. So please don't make my mistake and plan to be alone and rest the first day back.

** EXCEPTION: If you are traveling to the desired location and it is day time, its highly recommended that you don't go to sleep as there is a need for you to get used to that desired time zone. For example when I landed in Paris it was noon they're time but it was 5AM my time and so instead of going to sleep we went out and explored the city instead of resting as our whole trip would have been thrown off. So the tip above only applies if you are arriving home.

#2 Rest Rest Rest
Actually rest and dim all of the lights in your home and close the curtains. If you are landing early in the day then PLEASE make sure you workout or something physically intensive to increase your likelihood to sleep. As I was overly exhausted the7 hours of sleep didn't feel like enough come the alarm the next morning. Also there is no one rule to how much sleep you will need. Listen to your body and rest as I went across 8 time zones and so I had to catch up more sleep than I originally realized

#3 Hydrate Hydrate
This one is a BIGGIE! I personally went thru 3 connecting flights and between each layover I tried to consume at least a bottle of water but that was not enough. I read that you are supposed to consume 1L of water per hour on your flight and considering I had 2 flights that were 5 plus+ hours each I didn't consume enough water. So the thing is the less water I drank while flying hit me quickly once I was landed and home. So try to hydrate before and during and the effects will be less impactful. This was connected to a sense of a mild migraine me and my sister felt when we were traveling.

#4 Cut down on Caffeine, Alcohol & Salts
This one was so tough for me as I LOVE coffee!! In Italy they literally had coffee vending machines. The more caffeine that you consume the more de-hydrated you are actually so I was causing myself to be more dehydrated since I was not consuming enough water. Alcohol and Salts have the same effect. Also definitely don't recommend drinking on the flight as you already will be disoriented waking up in a different time zone and alcohol consumption will not assist you will being alert and increase the likelihood that you will encounter a headache. 

#5 Exercise && Drink  Tea 
This one is important if you arrive in the day and need to get adjusted to the new timezone. If you have to stay up for the day consume Ginseng & Ginkgo Tea which is a natural tea that encourages brain alertness. Its reccomended for you to go outside as well as this will help you adjust to the time of the day.
To fall asleep make sure you drink Chamomile as it naturally calms your body and helps you prepare for bed. *This is a great tea to consume if you are having a stressful day!* Exercise is important as it will aid you in waking up your body. Make sure you don't exercise close to bedtime as that will not aid in sleeping.

*Bonus Tip* Shower Temp is important
Shower with warm water in the morning and cold water at night. This will in turn increase the release of melatonin which is a hormone integral to sleeping. Melatonin regulates your sleep patterns.

As I was writing this post I realized that people are yall are either going to be going to need these tips to combat jet lag when you arrive at your desired destination or when you have returned home from the trip. The tips above have a combo of information for both situations. As each person's trip will be different and your desired outcome may be different. Also I saw that if you are flying EAST it is much harder to get adjusted to the timezone so cut yourself some slack as it is harder for your circadian body rhythm to adjust to the timezone. As the whole ordeal with jet lag is that your body's sleep schedule is thrown off by the light schedule and so it doesn't know when to sleep so by using the tricks above you can trick your body to do what you would like to do
If you want to stay awake then go outside and drink natural tea and exercise. If you want to go to bed than close all of the curtains in your room and drink chamomile tea to rest.
I hope that this post has been helpful as I know if I had read these tips beforehand I would have felt much better so much sooner.

Also if you would like more tips on combatting jetlag you can check out these videos below:


Til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez💕💕


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