Saturday, April 6, 2019

#Bluebonnets Season

Its Bluebonnets Season Yall!!

This dress is actually what I wore on New Years Eve.... talking about making outfits work all year long!!

This is how the dress look full on while I am sitting down!

This photo shoot was so much to shoot as my hubby was a real deal #Instahusband!!
He was already bored by the middle of this shoot!
This was the last shoot of the 4 but don't tell him that!!
What do you think these photos are ALL #Unfiltered!! 
Seriously tells you how good the #Iphone is noawadays or maybe it was the Photographer....😘😘...

But anywho hope yall have an amazing weekend and enjoy this Spring Weather!
til next time,

peace & love,
Karen Beatty-Matrtinez

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