Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tuesday Shoesday Asics X Collab

#NewKicks.... who dis

Hey yall today I am so excited to share about my collaboration with Asics! I personally have always been a fan and had a Sneakers Collaboration on my vision board since last year! So I am seriously over the moon to be sharing this collab as I track my #First5k!
Yess yall and the amazing element of this collab is that I am able to use the Runkeeper Go app which further ensures I'll be able to stay on track and MOTIVATED &&&&& Accountable! Its like having my own person trainer and HYPE man which each workout which is seriously a BIG DEAL!!

Anywho I will be keeping you updated with how the workouts go! Its like mt fitness diary! The workouts are setup for my personal skill level and help me accomplish my goal of completing a 5K within 6 weeks!

Stay tuned for updates because best believe I'm so excited!
til next time,

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez 

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