Thursday, May 9, 2019

#TrainingThursday Fitness Update

#TrainingThursday Fitness Update

Today on the blog sharing an update with my fitness journey!
So last month I actually did a fun workout with my mom who is this amazing crazy speedster! And she is my MOM.... and we were working out on a track as we were working on speed intervals and I actually pulled a muscle!!!

It felt like a hamstring pull and it was sore the day prior only for me to pull it even more!(Back story: When I was in high school I did triple jump and ran hurdles and I used to get bad shinsplints!)
As my mom is a track coach and has been for years she told me to take it super easy and I couldn't run for a WHOLE week!

Which feels like forever in training! 

I ended up taking 10 days as it was still sore after 7 days! So if anyone who has been following me, they know I have been MIA for a bit!
That is why!
but now I am back better than ever!
Today I did another afternoon workout and I am going to talk about what my secret weapon has been!
the Runkeeper Go app by Asics has been an absolute
There is an actual women trainer on the app who talks you through and is sooo motivating!!!
This is an absolute gamechanger for anyone who is debating about training for a big race and not sure of how to do it!
You just pop in your headphones and she walks you thru the workout!

As I discussed in the previous post, I have partnered with Asics for this collab and as a  special discount for my followers, you can get 3 months free of Runkeeper Go using the code KARENB
Thank yall for following along!
I'll be posting next week some tips for stretching for any new runners!
til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez💕💕

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