Thursday, January 30, 2020


Current Fav #HighLow Statement Pieces

Hey yall today on the blog I am sharing some of my favorite statement-making pieces.
As this is the January edition its mainly focused on winter wear. Several of the pieces can be transitioned into fall like the one above but definetly they are pieces that are trendy will most likely still be sooo hottt in 2020!!


Yall, the jacket above has seriously been my go-to for the past two months! I am sooo obsessed with the color! This jacket is from Charlotte Russe and I actually got it from a local consignment shop on top of that! As you can see from above I just pair it with an all-black outfit and boom I'm dressed up!
For more of my favorites: 


Yall headbands are perfect if you are having a bad hair day or just want to add a little pop to your outfit! I use them when my hair is not looking as fresh as it should be! this is a great tip if your braids or weave needs a refresh! Headbands will help you buy a couple of days! 

To shop some of my favs:


Need I say more! Handbags can take any outfit from blah to YASSS honey!
To shop the Lipstick purse click here! SPLURGE-WORTHY!!
Regarding my personal style I have a range of low end purses like an

 essential brown bucket bag pictured here to my classic Louie!

I highly recommend you invest in a signature luxury handbag!
The thing is that no one tells you is that you could purchase a luxury handbag (pre-owned aka pre-loved) or you could even rent it! Yall Im so serious! I am dedicated a full #blogpost about purchasing luxury handbags so stay tuned!
For some of my favs:


Sneakers are perfect to dress down a outfit and also as a mood booster to kick butt in the gym!

these are some of current favs!!
All of these range in price from under $100 to upwards of $600
 Sneaks Favs: 


Missguided & Asos has several oversized blazers that are under $100 and can help you still get that fab look!
Also, I highly recommend you visit your local thrift store and check out the men's blazers as you are more likely to find a bigger jacket with a crazy sexy cool vibe!
Currently fav blazers:

Thank yall for the checking out some of my favorite statement-making pieces! The best thing about high/low fashion is that you don't have to splurge on the statement-making pieces but if you know how to style it, it will look like you splurged.
til next time
Peace & Love, 
Karen Beatty-Martinez


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Favorite Designer Shoes... Jan edition 2020

#TrendyTuesdayShoesday Jan edition 2020

Luxury Edition &&& Hot Trend Report

Hey, y’all today’s post is bad after popular demand! Its all of my current favorite shoes just in time for Tuesday ShoesDay!!

So since its the winter season and new 2020 I wanted to do a deep dive to see if there are any “NEW NEW” trends in the shoe department.

I saw that there were a lot of neutrals and also sparkly, gem-encrusted and studded shoes! Or maybe that's my own taste!!

#1 Prada Neutral Boots- $790

These boots remind me of Timbs so bad bu are a little chicer in a way with the laces! These shoes will def be hotttt this season! Mark my words!
To shop these shoes click here: 

#2 Chloe Studded Booties $1380

These are pretty expensive but definitely will be in season for the next couple of seasons! 
The pattern of the studs makes them casual but also dressy!
You could dress it up with a TutuDress and Graphic Tee or even a rocker tee and cuffed black jeans!!
Sooo cute with an edgy touch!!
Click here to shop these beauties!

#3 Gucci Wool Combat Boots

Yall these boots right here!!!!

Fyhhhh! They have the monogram and I can see so many people rocking these boots y’all!
They come in two colors tan and black! 

These bad boys are gonna go fast so make sure you purchase them before you’re too late!!

Click here to buy the Tan option!

#4 Christian Louboutin Studded Collar Booties- $1095

Love love love the to collar of these booties!!! So chic and the way the studded collar is you have gotta rock them!
These are gonna be hott hot hot
They also come in a tan color as well!
Click here for the tan option:
And for the black option
These are the perfect option for an all-black outfit! Think date night with skinny black jeans or shiny black leggings and a black turtleneck! And then add the booties and its the perfect sexy cool look!

#5 Rose Dolce & Gabbana Sneaks

These shoes are boho slash futuristic!
These would be my theme shoes for the 2020 year! Active but also chic!
Make you wanna jump on the tennis court real quick and be Mrs. Williams!!

Click here to shop these tennis shoes!

 BONUS: d&G Heels

These heels are stunning! They give me like Venice vibes and they would be the perfect complement to a little black dress!
Click here to shop these heels:

Comment below which shoes are your fav! Also how you would personally style these beauties

til next time,
Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez 


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Great Workouts to Start 2020 with a Bang!

Start 2020 with a BANG!!

Hey y'all today on the blog I'm sharing some of my favorite at-home workouts to help
You kickstart the new year. I personally have a big goal this year to run several
More 5ks and a 10k!

If you are having a hard time getting started on your goal then I Definitely recommend for you to watch the video below!

I personally find that when I need a kick in you know what I watch a 3-4 minute motivational video.

HIIT Treadmill:
High-Intensity Training is supposed to be a fat burner and as a sprinter, I find it so helpful for a quick workout
I have been doing an incremental workout lately on the treadmill that has been paying off for me! Regardless of the amount of time I have to work out just doing a 15-minute workout was impactful.
Basically what you do is walk 30 seconds and sprint 90 seconds and then alternate it. The goal is to be able to sprint the full 2 minutes. If 30 seconds is not enough to rest increase to a minute and walk one minute and run one minute.
Basically, it will look like this for a 20-minute workout
0:00-1:30 Sprint -Light intensity-;warmup rate
1:30-2:00 Walk
2-3:30 Sprint at Medium Speed
3:30-4 Walk
4:00-5:30 Sprint at Full Speed
5:30-6:00 Walk

Repeat the sets to the amount of time for the workout

Make sure you warm up before with at least 7-10 minutes of stretching.

And make sure you also cool down with good stretching. This is a step I never skip as I have pulled muscles in the past and its all because I was rushing. Don't make this mistake!


The Best abs video I have used I have not been able to get thru all 7 days and yall thats definelty on my resolutions list this year!

#Leg Day:

Britnee Babe gives so many workouts that you do at home with no equipment! Seriously I am a big fan of her easy and kick-ass workouts!!


Adrienne is an Austin based Yoga teacher that has an amazing yoga community and she makes so many amazing videos for any fitness levels!

This video is great for cool downs after a long workout as well!

Hope yall enjoy today's post and this will encourage you to get started on your fitness journey!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinezđź’•

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