Thursday, June 25, 2020

Just ONE moment of Pause can make a difference

Just ONE moment of pause can make a difference!

Hey yall I have been really leaning on my meditation practice these past couple of months to really ensure my mental health! Taking mini pauses throughout the day and even before I react to triggering events, words, or even turn on the news has realy served me a world of good! If you are new to meditation I have included a list of some of my favorite videos for you to check out!

Ten Minute Guided Meditation

This is a great starter for a mini-break you may need throughout the day!

Five Minute Bell Meditation
This meditation helped me get through the corporate world. When I worked at Cartier this was my go-to on my lunch breaks and allowed me to get re-centered!!

Powerful Morning Affirmation Meditation

This video is great for when you first start daily affirmations as well. I love it when I can start my day with intention and pouring love into myself and confidence.... sometimes we need to hear it to believe it and affirming it is the best way to do it!!

Wind Down Meditation to fall asleep

& this one too is great for falling asleep

Its crazy how fast I feel asleep but it wasnt like a groggy sleep but actual sleep!
Thank yalll for checking out some of my favorite meditation-videos as they have been my serious go to these days to keep me centered!! If you can't do five minutes I recommend starting out with just a minute! One moment is all it takes!!

Peace & Love,
Karen Beatty-Martinez


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