Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Summer Life Update

Current Life Update- Summer 2020

Hey yall, i wanted to check in as I haven't posted as consistently this month and I wanted to share an update on my summer and what's been going on!!


1. #NewJobWhoDis

 I have started a new job this year!! Your girl has started her dream job at the end of 2019 and I am officially a TEXAS REALTOR!! So I have been spending a lot of time dedicated to overcoming many obstacles to running my business day to day and adjusting to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur and ohhh child its a process!! * I will definitely be posting at the end of the year man of the lessons I have learned!! I have sold several homes already which I personally feel is a BIG accomplishment as I heard a stat that on average-68% of first-year realtors only sell 1-2 homes in their first year. And I have sold well past that number so I am exceeding my high expectations as of this moment!

2. #WorkingOnMyFitness

I have been working out more consistently this summer! Personally, when I am under stress or encountering massive shifts in my life I have seen that my mental health and my mindset can end up on the sidelines if I am not intentional about making it a priority. And that's where working out and running comes in the picture. Running and training my body for runs really helps me stay in shape but also I find that any roadblocks mentally I encounter a run helps me solve it. It's like a WIN-WIN when I run because when I run I feel better and I look better but then I end up feeling better again. It's like a cycle of positive reinforcement.

3. Creativity, Flow, and Consistency

Have been the main goals in my life! Consistency has always been a goal and it feels like in different seasons of my life consistency and habits that support consistency are easier to flow with and in other seasons I can be so unmotivated, But that's the beauty of life! I have definitely learned to be nicer to myself in the seasons of life when it's not flowing and allowing myself to pivot to other areas that need my energy and require less focus. Being in creative flow is its own euphoric state and something that I truly strive for. 

4. Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

I feel like mindset deserves its own book considering how much time I actually spend in my head, Nurturing and encouraging myself in the midst of a pandemic has been a huge priority for me this summer. I have been triggered by so many things this summer and I feel so blessed that I have always kept my mindset and mental health a priority over the last couple of years. So many things could have tripped me up with the quarantine and my coping habits were very healthy and nourishing to my soul and not debilitating. Writing, journaling, gardening, acting, writing some more, reading, consuming unearthly amounts of documentaries and action movies, and then writing some more!! We all cope differently and my coping has really encouraged me to EXPRESS myself more with full authenticity and without fear of rejection or the opinion of others!!

5. ENJOY the little things. 

This summer we lost my father in law on July15 and that has felt life. a lifetime ago. Losing him has caused me to have an immeasurable amount of gratitude for the small joys in life. He was an amazing man who touched so many people's lives with his life of service and a hilarious sense of humor. Its still hard to write about him today as his birthday is on Friday and I can't help but think about this time last year when we were planning his surprise birthday party & Dallas Cowboys game we had. Grief and Loss does nothing but change you to the core and makes you realize how short life is and how many things in life we have to be grateful for.
Sending love to you and everyone you encounter today!  We are gonna make it through this tough time in 2020! Be kind as we all have no idea what everyone is going thru, but if we can fully show up in a positive mindset of gratitude and love we can truly make a difference.
Peace & Love,

Karen Beatty-Martinezđź’•


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