Friday, October 2, 2020

Your Local Texas Realtor #DreamHomeAwaits @Karen Beatty-Martinez

Exciting Announcement!


Just in case you didn't know I wanted to let you know why I have been MIA. I have been laying the groundwork and working hard on my dream job! As an entrepreneur, it has always been a goal of mine to become a realtor and fully and intentionally create my own idea of freedom. 
The main reason I waited so long to post my new career was that I wanted to hit certain milestones before I posted. As I have hit all of them by selling the first house within 1 month of receiving my Real Estate License. Taken my first listing. sold several more houses. Certified to work with under-represented clients., close to my 1-year anniversary etc. Overall 2020 has been the biggest learning year since I graduated from college several years ago. It's like being a freshman again but luckily I have "alumni"  and coaches within my extensive network aka my broker, Keller Williams because we have over 100,000 agents! This alone has accelerated my knowledge, confidence, and access to resources to truly assist my current, past, and future clients.
But we all know how 2020 this year has been! What a year to start your dream career but during a pandemic! 
With all of the madness from 2020, it has made me reflect on who I am and what truly defines me! My BIG WHY has truly kept me pushing and working towards achieving my goals as it truly ties into helping others and my community at large.
The main aspect of real estate that really attracted me was the ability to assist families with creating generational wealth and purchasing their dream home.



 This is in alignment with one of my core principals of helping others manifest their dreams. Creating a custom build home and purchasing or creating your PERFECT Home has always been such a fun experience for me to experience with my buyers. It's like looking at a blank slate and then you have this beautiful home completed right before your eyes. This is such a magical experience to be apart of when someone creates their home. 


This part can be fun but sometimes it can be tough. The market has interesting trends this year with record low rates but also there is high demand and makes it mainly a seller's market. Which can make competition tough. But if you are truly informed as a buyer or seller thats a major competitive advantage for you.


So many minority families find themselves in this endless cycle of poverty and distress and I feel like my calling is to find a way to help those in that cycle break free and purchase a home. As a home is one of the most significant purchases we make in our life. This purchase allows children to go to college as well as allows you to have a retirement plan. By becoming TSAHC (Texas State Affordable Housing Corp.) Certified with Texas I am better able to assist families. It truly has been so fulfilling. 


So many people have this thought process that they have to make a certain amount of money monthly but that's not the case! Credit Score is still important 620+ is the usual benchmark. So if you know of anyone who has questions about purchasing a home I would be honored to assist them and help them change this narrative. 

Where do I work?

I serve all of the North Texas areas ranging from Wichita Falls to Dallas and every city in between, Denton, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Irving! So don't be shy hit me up via email at KarenBeattyMartinez@KW.Com and I would be honored to help you choose your Dream Home or sell your current home!!

How to contact me?

Realtor Website: 
Email: KarenBeattyMartinez@KW.Com
Thank you for reading about my special announcement! More content about real estate will be coming soon. Comment below if you're interested or have any questions about Real Estate. Or would like to chat about any collaborative opportunities.


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